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Can-Am's Electric Motorcycle Design Process Unveiled: Behind the Scenes
Can-Am's Electric Motorcycle Design Process Unveiled: Behind the Scenes
2 months ago First Look
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Can-Am has taken the wraps off its electric motorcycle project, revealing a behind-the-scenes look at the design process for its Origin and Pulse models. The company first announced these ambitious electric bikes in August 2022 and has been making significant progress since then.


In October 2022, Can-Am commenced the construction of a new production facility in Querétaro, Mexico, where it will manufacture the Origin and Pulse models alongside its Sea-Doo personal watercraft and Rotax engines.

Now, in July 2023, Can-Am has released an intriguing video on its official YouTube page, providing a three-minute glimpse into the creation of these electric motorcycles from the ground up.

While specific details and specifications of the Origin and Pulse models are yet to be disclosed, Can-Am revealed that both bikes will be powered by a revolutionary Rotax E-Power electric motor. Production is slated to begin in 2024, with possible specifications being revealed later this year.


The video goes beyond mere renders and showcases the pre-production process in three dimensions. It features skilled craftsmen sculpting clay models and body panels, giving the audience an insight into the intricate design and ergonomics of the bikes.


The design team draws inspiration from the flight of snowy owls, incorporating their graceful movements into the bikes' design. The electric motorcycles are expected to produce a distinct whirring sound, deviating from the traditional engine noises associated with combustion bikes.



As we progress into the latter half of 2023, more information about Can-Am's electric motorcycle lineup is anticipated to be unveiled. Stay tuned for further updates on these cutting-edge electric bikes.

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