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Cardo Systems Launches Game-Changing Software Update for Bluetooth Connectivity
Cardo Systems Launches Game-Changing Software Update for Bluetooth Connectivity
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Cardo Systems, a leading provider of Bluetooth communication solutions, has unveiled a groundbreaking software update that revolutionizes cross-industry Bluetooth connectivity. With this latest release, users can seamlessly connect with non-Cardo Bluetooth communicators as effortlessly as they would with another Cardo communicator. This innovation marks a significant step towards industry-wide Bluetooth standardization, bringing riders together like never before.

The inspiration for this update came from the launch of Open Bluetooth Intercom (OBi), prompting Cardo to conduct an independent international study. The study revealed that consumers were eager for a simple and intuitive way to communicate with fellow riders using different communicator brands. In response to customer feedback, Cardo's developers took on the challenge and expanded cross-brand connectivity.

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Dan Emodi, Chief Marketing Officer at Cardo Systems, stated, "In a recent global survey of motorcycle communicator users, intercom connectivity with other brands emerged as one of the most requested features to enhance communication experiences. With this update, we're empowering our users and their friends with devices from other major brands, offering greater choice, freedom, and flexibility."

The software update is available for all current 2023 Cardo devices (excluding PACTALK SLIM) through a simple Over-The-Air update. This includes top-of-the-range models like PACKTALK EDGE and Spirit. Users can now enjoy hassle-free Bluetooth connectivity with current-generation devices from Sena, Interphone, Midland, and Uclear. Pairing becomes straightforward, eliminating the complexities of traditional pairing methods and avoiding issues like dropped phone connections or sacrificing phone calls and navigation instructions. The only unsupported feature in this cross-brand connection is music sharing, which is consistent with limitations between different generations of Cardo products.

To activate the functionality, Cardo users can download the latest software version from their Cardo Connect app, without the need for any cables. As new versions and upgrades are released, the Cardo Connect app will automatically prompt users to install them.

Stay connected and experience the freedom of enhanced Bluetooth communication with Cardo Systems' latest software update.

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