Yamaha R9: A Custom-Built Masterpiece We've All Been Waiting For
Yamaha R9: A Custom-Built Masterpiece We've All Been Waiting For
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The buzz around the highly-anticipated Yamaha R9 has been growing stronger by the day, with rumors fueling the excitement among motorcycle enthusiasts. While there's no official word from Yamaha yet, one visionary enthusiast named Seb Hipperson couldn't wait any longer. Taking matters into his own hands, Seb crafted his own R9 prototype, and it's nothing short of breathtaking. A true testament to ingenuity and creativity, this custom build is set to revolutionize the motorcycle world.


In the heart of London, Seb Hipperson is no ordinary fabricator - he's a visionary artist who breathes life into furniture and motorcycles alike. His passion for motorcycles runs deep, and the desire to witness the R9 concept come to life drove him to create his very own masterpiece.

Imagine the sheer power of the legendary 889 cc tripe-cylinder engine from the popular MT-09 packed into a sleek sportbike. That's what the R9 is all about - the perfect fusion of elegance and raw strength. Although Yamaha hasn't revealed their plans for the R9, Seb's design is an awe-inspiring glimpse into what could be the future of Yamaha sportbikes.


The journey began with a low-mileage Yamaha MT-09 donor bike, stripped down to its bare essentials. Seb's creative genius came to life as he meticulously crafted a bespoke frame to embrace the mighty MT-09 mill. The result? An elegant trellis steel frame, drawing inspiration from Yamaha's iconic two-strokes and the current Moto2 race bikes.

Precision and attention to detail were paramount. Seb welded three frames together to achieve the perfect geometry and aesthetics, experimenting until he found the ultimate formula. A Ducati 749 swingarm, Corse Dynamics rear shock linkage, and a custom-built Mupo Race Suspension shock add the finishing touches to this high-performance beast.


The R9's bodywork is nothing short of a work of art. Foam blocks transformed the chassis into a canvas, and Seb skillfully sculpted each curve and line with his hands. The result? Fiberglass molds capturing the essence of Seb's vision, from the front fender to the fairing, belly pan, and tail unit.

This one-of-a-kind motorcycle is not just about looks; it's engineered for the track. Upgraded front forks from a Ducati Panigale, Brembo brake calipers, and five-spoke alloy wheels from an Aprilia RSV Mille guarantee a thrilling ride.


The performance enhancements are equally impressive. With over 110 hp at your disposal, the MT-09 engine is already lively. But Seb didn't stop there - he fine-tuned the ECU on a dyno to unlock the full potential of the custom airbox and exhaust system. Lextek headers and an Arrow muffler joined forces with a custom-made pipe, ensuring every ride is an adrenaline-pumping experience.

Seb's dedication to authenticity shines through, making sure every detail counts. From track-specific mods like a thumb lever for the rear brake and front brake lever protection to the minimalist LED taillight, this R9 prototype is track-ready.


The Yamaha R9 prototype embodies the spirit of a true racing legend, with its iconic red, white, and black 'speedblock' livery and raw aluminum tank. It's a bike that makes you forget it's a custom build; it looks like a retro factory superbike straight from Yamaha's design studio.

Seb has already put his creation to the test on the track, and his racing ambitions know no bounds. While we wait for Yamaha's official word, there's no denying that Seb Hipperson's custom-built R9 is a masterstroke. Whether Yamaha follows suit or takes inspiration from Seb's vision, one thing is certain: the Yamaha R9 is a dream machine we've all been waiting for.

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