BMW R 18 El Boxeador: A Tattoo-Inspired Custom Chopper You Can't Miss
BMW R 18 El Boxeador: A Tattoo-Inspired Custom Chopper You Can't Miss
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Introduction: Discover the captivating BMW R 18 El Boxeador, an extraordinary custom chopper brought to life by Augment Motorworks under the visionary leadership of Nick Acosta. This one-of-a-kind motorcycle boasts a stunning design inspired by tattoos, making it a standout in the Canadian custom bike community. Learn about the remarkable modifications that transformed a 2021 R 18 First Edition into the coolest chopper with an artistic flair.


A Remarkable Journey of Augment Motorworks Augment Motorworks, led by Nick Acosta, has gained a reputable name in the Canadian custom bike scene over the years. From its humble beginnings as a one-man side hustle, the workshop has evolved into a full-time establishment employing skilled craftsmen. Their expertise ranges from customizations to repairs, regular maintenance, and restoration projects, ensuring a steady flow of creative endeavors.


The Birth of El Boxeador - A Unique BMW Chopper El Boxeador is an exceptional creation for two significant reasons. Firstly, it marks Augment Motorworks' first venture into the world of BMW projects. Secondly, it is one of the earliest R 18 choppers to be unveiled, capturing the internet's attention. Even today, this chopper remains the epitome of coolness, a testament to the team's ingenuity.


Collaboration with BMW Motorrad Commissioned directly by BMW Motorrad, Augment Motorworks was entrusted with a brand-new 2021 R 18 First Edition as the donor bike. The team was given the freedom to unleash their creativity while keeping the motorcycle's powerful 1,802cc boxer-twin engine untouched. Boasting 91 horsepower and 116 pound-feet (157 Nm) of torque, this machine delivers impressive performance straight from the factory.


Aesthetic Enhancements Augment Motorworks focused on enhancing the chopper's aesthetics while retaining the original brakes and suspension. They discarded most of the factory bodywork, except for the fuel tank and side covers, resulting in a dramatically transformed appearance. The chopper received an intricate livery, which stands out as a visual masterpiece.


Wheels and Tires To match the chopper theme, the standard wheels were replaced with larger, more fitting chromed alloy hoops provided by BMW in collaboration with Roland Sands Design. These 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheels add to the chopper's commanding presence. Metzeler's ME 888 Marathon Ultra tires were chosen for their suitability for cruisers and tourers. The bike also flaunts new vapor-blasted valve covers for a flawless matte texture.


Attention to Detail - Customization and Electronics Augment Motorworks carefully tailored a tailor-made aluminum air intake system, featuring open velocity stacks, enhancing both functionality and appearance. Custom connector pipes now connect the OEM exhaust headers to cocktail shaker silencers. The team relocated a significant portion of the electronics under the gas tank for a cleaner look.


Masterful Upholstery and Design The chopper-style seat pan, crafted from aluminum, received exquisite upholstery work from Raven6 Customs. A two-piece, densely padded saddle covered in high-quality leather with an eye-catching black-and-white pattern sits atop the seat pan, adding an extra touch of luxury.


Unique Rear Design and Lighting El Boxeador boasts a distinctive rear end, featuring a bespoke rear fender complemented by a chrome-plated sissy bar, custom-welded with round LED taillights from Prism Supply Co. The combination of design and functionality in the rear is truly captivating.


Headlamps, Handlebar, and Paintwork FNA Custom Cycles contributed the small yet bright LED headlamps, while Augment Motorworks crafted an elegant filigree support from a solid block of aluminum. The handlebar was replaced with chromed ape-hangers, equipped with standard controls, aftermarket fluid reservoir caps, and Motogadget bar-end turn signals, all meticulously designed for ergonomic comfort. The bike's distinctive paintwork, skillfully executed by Amanda of Black Widow Custom, showcases a tattoo-inspired livery featuring BMW and motorcycle-related symbols, evoking a sense of artistry and individuality.


BMW R 18 El Boxeador is the embodiment of Augment Motorworks' ingenuity and creativity, standing out as a tattoo-inspired masterpiece in the custom bike community. With its exceptional design and remarkable modifications, this chopper is sure to turn heads and leave an indelible impression on motorcycle enthusiasts and art lovers alike.

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