Reviving the Suzuki DR650: Petitioning for an Update
Reviving the Suzuki DR650: Petitioning for an Update
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The Suzuki DR650, a beloved dual sport bike, has remained largely unchanged since 1996. However, a new online petition is pushing for a long-awaited update to this iconic ride.


Addressing Market Limitations and Global Accessibility

Despite some minor improvements, the DR650's outdated features hinder its marketability in an era of strict emissions and safety standards. The petition urges Suzuki to redesign the bike to meet global regulations, making it accessible to riders worldwide.

Can Suzuki Deliver the Upgrade?

Suzuki has demonstrated its capability to modernize technology, raising hopes for an updated DR650. With enough support, this petition could sway Suzuki's decision and lead to a next-generation DR650 with the features riders crave.

Unite for the Future of the DR650

The time has come for a modernized Suzuki DR650. Through the power of signatures and collective passion, riders can influence Suzuki's choice to create a more advanced and accessible version of this legendary dual sport bike. Join the petition and be part of the change the motorcycling community has been waiting for.

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  • Shut the hell up, I will never sign that petition. The beauty of this bike is the affordability, ease of maintenance, and easy to upgrade. Stop trying to make our beloved dinisaur a modern unreliable overly teched out expensive piece of shit! If you don't like the DR..MOVE ON!
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