Triumph Unveils Exciting Updates for Upcoming Motocross Project
Triumph Unveils Exciting Updates for Upcoming Motocross Project
2 months ago Concepts
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As another season draws to a close, motorcycle enthusiasts can rejoice as Triumph has unveiled a tantalizing glimpse of their new motocross project. The recently released video provides a sneak peek into the innovative chassis design, sparking anticipation among fans.


What sets this motocross project apart is its fresh and original approach, incorporating some elements reminiscent of classic manufacturer concepts while maintaining a unique identity.

The good news doesn't end there, as Triumph promises a series of regular updates in the coming weeks. This commitment to keeping enthusiasts informed suggests that there is much more in store for eager followers.


The heightened excitement is well-founded, considering Triumph's intention to participate in the upcoming MXGP and SuperMotocross series. Having hired renowned riders Clément Desalle and Ivan Tedesco as factory riders in April, Triumph is gearing up to compete in the championships. Initially, the focus will be on the 250 class, with plans to introduce a 450 class bike later.

In addition to the motocross lineup, Triumph is actively working on a new enduro model, possibly even multiple models. Though details have been scarce since their announcement in July 2021, it is likely that Triumph will leverage technology from their MX lineup for the enduro bikes. This strategic move allows them to maximize efficiency and avoid unnecessary engine development.

Notably, Triumph's transformation doesn't end with motocross and enduro projects. The introduction of the Speed 400 and Scrambler 400x, along with the highly anticipated electric bike debut, signifies a company that is embracing significant changes and innovation.


As the days unfold, enthusiasts can look forward to more updates from Triumph, making it an exciting time to be part of the motorcycle community. With a promising motocross project on the horizon and other groundbreaking developments in the pipeline, Triumph is undoubtedly making its mark in the industry.

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