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Embracing a New Era: Husqvarna Unveils its 2024 Enduro Model Range
Embracing a New Era: Husqvarna Unveils its 2024 Enduro Model Range
2 months ago First Look
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In the wake of the awe-inspiring 2024 KTM Enduro launch in Lesotho, it comes as no surprise that Husqvarna has raised the bar with a completely revamped Enduro range for 2024. The unveiling of the new models took place at a local launch, where the motorcycle media and dealers were treated to an unforgettable experience, chartering through Hartebeespoort Dam on a ferry during sunset.


The new Enduro range, boasting 95% new components, exudes a captivating charm with its blue, yellow, and white color schemes. Grant Frerichs, at the launch, dramatically revealed the TE model, which left everyone spellbound with its striking beauty, perfectly designed from head to toe.

A Comprehensive Evolution: Husqvarna has left no stone unturned in upgrading the new Enduro models. Virtually every aspect has been revamped, and only the wheels and a few minor elements from the previous models remain untouched. The 2024 range eclipses its 2023 predecessors with groundbreaking advancements.


Spectacular Design and Features: The new range proudly showcases a chromium molybdenum steel frame, closed-cartridge spring WP forks, redesigned WP XACT shock, and a lighter 2-piece subframe. Additional enhancements include wider footpegs, new triple clamp, lighter swingarm, and improved BRAKTEC brakes with GSK discs. The Enduro bikes now sport modern, Swedish-inspired graphics on their sleek bodywork, accentuated by stunning yellow details on the rear tail mudguard and front headlight plastics.


Noteworthy Technological Upgrades: Husqvarna has replaced TPI with TBI on the two-stroke models, allowing for two different engine maps that riders can easily switch between using an optional Map Select switch. Furthermore, the FE models offer an optional traction control feature and, for the first time ever in a Husqvarna Enduro machine, a quick-shifter function. The FE 250 and FE 350 machines boast new and compact DOHC engines.


Unrivaled Performance: Two standout features of the new generation Enduros are the 48 mm WP XACT Closed Cartridge fork and the innovative electronic "Throttle Body Injection" technology on the two-strokes. The closed cartridge spring forks deliver smooth action and consistent performance, while the throttle body injection system provides carburetor-like smooth power delivery, eliminating the need for re-jetting at different altitudes. This advanced technology elevates the Enduro range, making it suitable for both professional and amateur riders.


Thrilling Test Rides: During the launch event, participants had the opportunity to experience the new range on a 10 km hard Enduro loop. The bikes impressed with their nimble and agile handling, instilling confidence for pushing the limits. The TE 150, though challenging, delighted riders with its rewarding performance. The TE 250 and TE 300, sharing similarities in chassis and engine internals, excelled in providing a balanced and plush ride.


The FE 250 and FE 350, despite sharing many features, offer distinct experiences. The extra 100cc in the FE 350 brings a noticeable boost in power, making it an attractive option for competitive riding and growth.


In conclusion, the 2024 Husqvarna Enduro range has set new standards in the off-road biking world. With their technical brilliance and real-world performance, these bikes are poised to deliver an exceptional riding experience. Whether you seek a thrilling adventure or competitive racing, the Husqvarna Enduro range is sure to impress. So, why wait? Discover a whole new world of Enduro riding with the remarkable TE 250 or explore the possibilities with other models from this exceptional lineup.

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