Cardo Unveils Exciting Voice Recording Feature for PackTalk Communicators
Cardo Unveils Exciting Voice Recording Feature for PackTalk Communicators
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As a top player in the motorcycle intercom market, Cardo Systems continues to impress with its user-friendly PackTalk system and innovative DMC technology. And now, riders' wishes have come true with the much-anticipated voice recording update.


Perfect for vloggers, video producers, and hobbyists, Cardo's latest feature lets you effortlessly record your own voice and group conversations with a simple button press through the Cardo mobile app. Available on second-generation communicators like PackTalk Edge, PackTalk Neo, and PackTalk Custom with Platinum Package, all you need is the 7.0 software update to get started.

According to Dan Emodi, Cardo Systems' Chief Marketing Officer, their focus is to enhance the riding experience, and this voice recording update is proof of that commitment. With just a tap, riders can now conveniently record and store audio directly on their phones, taking their adventures to the next level.

This update also allows second-generation PackTalk users to record DMC conversations, even with first-generation PackTalk units like Bold and Black, though the recording feature won't be available for these devices. The update also supports bridged devices connected via Bluetooth, capturing every thrilling moment of your ride.

The user-friendly Cardo Connect App makes it a breeze to record your voice while riding. Simply tap the voice recording button on the Home Screen, and you're ready to go. The app even lets you pause and resume recording during your ride, ensuring all your memories are seamlessly saved as one file.

So, gear up and ride with confidence, knowing that Cardo's latest voice recording feature has your back. Head to Cardo's official website for more info on their products and software updates.

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