Le Mans Champ Gets an Insane Custom Harley-Davidson!
Le Mans Champ Gets an Insane Custom Harley-Davidson!
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In the realm of professional racing, most drivers tend to maintain a loyal devotion to four-wheeled vehicles for their daily use. Nevertheless, exceptions exist, with some drivers harboring a fondness for motorcycles as well. One such exceptional case is that of former Le Mans winner, Bertrand Gachot, who surprised many by commissioning a custom Harley-Davidson motorcycle.


This distinctively green interpretation of the V-Rod, previously known as the Night Rod, was skillfully crafted in Spain by the talented team at Lord Drake, catering to Gachot's specific preferences.

Although Gachot's name may not be immediately recognizable today, fans of the Hype energy drinks might recall him as he is now associated with their marketing endeavors. However, his fame in the past was secured in 1991 when he claimed victory at the grueling 24 Hours of Le Mans, piloting a Mazda 787B. Yet, it is his inadvertent role in the birth of a Formula 1 legend that remains a noteworthy part of his legacy.


During the same period, Gachot was a driver for the Jordan Formula 1 team. An unfortunate absence from the 1991 Belgian Grand Prix due to legal issues stemming from a road rage incident paved the way for a young German driver named Michael Schumacher to make his debut in Formula 1.

Setting aside his racing achievements, let's delve into the details of Gachot's remarkable custom Harley-Davidson. The motorcycle has been christened the "260 GP," a clever amalgamation of the rear tire's width, graciously provided by Lord Drake, and the owner's initials.


The bike boasts an air suspension system that not only elevates its stance but also adds to its allure. Various bodywork modifications, including a custom spoiler, redesigned fenders, and thoughtfully placed covers, seamlessly enhance the bike's original design. Notable additions, such as the handcrafted license plate holder and the exquisite leather seat with double green stitching, add a touch of luxury to the overall aesthetic.


Unveiling its true Harley-Davidson spirit, the bike retains its original engine, now enhanced with a modified exhaust system for improved performance.

Regrettably, information regarding the cost of this exceptional motorcycle remains undisclosed, and as a recent project, it is unlikely to be available for purchase anytime soon. Nevertheless, the Harley-Davidson 260 GP stands as a testament to the unique taste of former Le Mans champions and their affinity for customized rides that set them apart from the crowd.

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