2024 Honda Africa Twin: Leading the Charge with Radar-Assist Technology
2024 Honda Africa Twin: Leading the Charge with Radar-Assist Technology
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The highly anticipated 2024 face-off between Honda's legendary Africa Twin and BMW's R 1300 GS in the open-class adventure motorcycle market is set to redefine the industry with cutting-edge technologies and groundbreaking advancements.


BMW is gearing up to launch the much-anticipated R 1300 GS this September, building upon the success of the R 1250 GS. Promising revolutionary construction and on-board innovations, BMW aims to take adventure bikes to new heights.

In contrast, Honda's Africa Twin has its sights on off-road capability rather than on-road touring and raw power. Despite their distinct focuses, both motorcycles are sure to attract adventurous enthusiasts, sparking a thrilling competition for customer loyalty in 2024.

Excitement mounts as evidence of an extensively updated Africa Twin emerges. Honda has quietly filed type-approval paperwork for its 2024 model, bearing the intriguing model code "SD14," showing their determination to challenge BMW head-on.


While specific details about the new Africa Twin are scarce, recent patent filings shed light on potential enhancements. Honda is working on incorporating front and rear radars into the bike's design, akin to competitors such as KTM's 1290 Super Adventure, Ducati's Multistrada V4, and the upcoming BMW R 1300 GS.

These radars, available optionally or as standard, promise to enhance rider safety and experience, ensuring the Africa Twin remains competitive in the rapidly evolving adventure bike segment.


One of the most exciting developments is the potential for a direct fuel-injected version of the Africa Twin's SOHC engine. This innovation aims to boost performance, improve fuel efficiency, and reduce emissions, showcasing Honda's commitment to environmental consciousness and engineering excellence.

Enthusiasts and experts are abuzz with the possibility of a supercharged Africa Twin. If realized, this advancement could elevate Honda's champion to new heights, rivaling the powerhouses represented by KTM's big V-twins and Ducati's Multistrada V4 range, all without the need for an entirely new engine. The 2024 Honda Africa Twin is primed to take on the adventure motorcycle market with cutting-edge radar-assist technology and a host of other exciting features. The stage is set for an exhilarating showdown between two industry giants, and riders can look forward to experiencing the best of innovation and performance in the open-class adventure segment.

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