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Rare and Precious 1981 Nico Bakker Motorcycle Available for Purchase
Rare and Precious 1981 Nico Bakker Motorcycle Available for Purchase
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Discover the exceptional 1981 Nico Bakker motorcycle, a true gem in the world of motorcycling. Crafted by the renowned Dutch frame builder, Nico Bakker, this unique bike hails from a remarkable era in motorcycle history. Originally involved in a European Championship, it eventually found its way to Italy, where it might have been acquired by a skilled Italian professional rider. Its scarcity is evident, as there are likely only two other motorcycles of the same model in the entire country.


Built with a chrome-moly frame and boasting a lower truss swingarm for rear suspension, the bike follows the prestigious tradition of English frame builders. What sets it apart further is its distinctive original fairing design, adding to its captivating appearance.

Wheels-wise, the motorcycle sports a rare configuration with a 16" front wheel and an 18" rear wheel. Its engine, a 1,000cc Kawasaki base, has been skillfully enhanced by Yoshimura, expanding its capacity to an impressive 1,270cc using vacuum carburettors. This modification aimed to improve low-rev performance and power delivery, and the engine, upgraded with a Yoshimura kit by Mosna, can rev up to a remarkable 14,000 rpm.


The bike's performance is nothing short of extraordinary, achieving an astounding 0-400 meters in a mere 2.48 seconds, with a top speed reaching 238.46 kph. This showcases the motorcycle's engineering prowess and demonstrates its superiority among its contemporaries.

An intriguing touch to the bike's design is the ignition key switch placed under the tank, adding a touch of uniqueness to an already exceptional machine. Overall, the motorcycle's innovative solutions and meticulous engineering set it apart from the rest.


For those interested in acquiring this masterpiece, the seller is open to Cars&Motorbikes exchange and offers shipping services both within Italy and abroad. If you wish to witness the bike in person, you can visit the Reggio Emilia Showroom, or opt for a virtual viewing with one of their commercial operators via platforms like Skype, Zoom, Whatsapp, or Google Meet.


This 1981 Nico Bakker motorcycle represents not only a valuable piece of history but also a symbol of innovation and motorcycling excellence. As such, it stands as a highly coveted possession for collectors and enthusiasts alike. Don't miss the opportunity to make it a part of your own collection—contact the seller now for more information.

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