Viper V10 Motorcycle Achieves New Two-Up Speed Record, Packing 500-HP Power
Viper V10 Motorcycle Achieves New Two-Up Speed Record, Packing 500-HP Power
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In a groundbreaking feat, an awe-inspiring Viper V10-powered motorcycle has set a new two-up speed record, defying all expectations. Dodge's iconic Tomahawk concept, featuring the V10 engine, had tantalized enthusiasts two decades ago, but it remained more of a powerful showpiece rather than a practical motorcycle. However, motorcycle enthusiast Allen Millyard had a different vision - he was determined to create a fully functional bike around the Viper's legendary engine.

Millyard's passion and ingenuity came to fruition as he designed a remarkable motorcycle capable of carrying passengers at astonishing speeds exceeding 180 mph. The validation of his creation occurred during the UK & ITA International Speed Week at Elvington Airfield, where Millyard, accompanied by passenger Henry Cole, achieved this remarkable feat.


The record-breaking endeavor was not without its challenges. The duo needed a considerable distance to reach their top speed, covering 1.25 miles on the runway to secure their achievement. Speaking to MCN after the exhilarating run, Millyard shared some insights into the experience, humorously describing the unconventional situation of having a passenger aboard.

Navigating a homemade motorcycle, weighing 600kg and lacking a fairing, required careful and cautious management. Millyard humorously likened having a passenger on the back to carrying a topbox filled with cement. Nonetheless, he skillfully piloted the 13-year-old machine, progressively increasing speed throughout the day's trials.

While the bike's weight of 1,323 pounds might initially seem sluggish, the sheer power of the Viper motor is nothing short of astonishing. With ample space to unleash its torque, the engine has the capacity to propel a full-sized car to high speeds effortlessly, and likewise, it propels this smaller, lighter motorcycle to new heights.

Now, with the record set, there's anticipation and speculation about the bike's future feats. Perhaps Millyard will embark on the next challenge with Elizabeth as his passenger, aiming to surpass their current accomplishments and push the boundaries even further. The possibilities seem limitless for this extraordinary Viper V10 motorcycle, a true testament to human ingenuity and determination.

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