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Introducing the Ultraviolette F77 Space Edition (2024): A Limited Launch of 10 Units Only!
Introducing the Ultraviolette F77 Space Edition (2024): A Limited Launch of 10 Units Only!
2 months ago First Look
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Ultraviolette, the prominent motorcycle manufacturer hailing from India, has just unveiled its highly anticipated F77 electric naked bike, and the response from enthusiasts has been nothing short of remarkable. This innovative two-wheeler captured the attention of automotive enthusiasts during its initial debut, and now Ultraviolette is back in the spotlight with the introduction of the F77 Space Edition (2024). Priced at 560,000 rupees (approximately US$ 6700), this exclusive variant has taken the market by storm, boasting a limited availability of just 10 units tailored for the Indian market, all of which have been swiftly snapped up by eager buyers.


Positioned as the flagship model within the esteemed F77 series, the Ultraviolette F77 Space Edition (2024) brings forth performance that rivals that of traditional petrol motorcycles with displacements in the 300cc-400cc range. This extraordinary electric bike retains the distinctive design elements seen in the F77 Recon and Standard models. Its aesthetic is characterized by sharp and bold body lines, accompanied by the illumination of LED headlights and a sizeable fairing.

Setting itself apart, the Space Edition dons an intriguing color palette known as Cosmic White, enriched with a harmonious interplay of white and orange accents. Employing cutting-edge materials reminiscent of aerospace standards, the bike's body is crafted from aluminum 7075, fortified with anti-ultraviolet (UV) paint to ensure longevity and visual allure.


In a delightful addition, this limited-edition electric vehicle boasts aluminum locks and rapid charging technology. Its dashboard features a 5-inch TFT meter panel, offering an array of riding modes, WiFi connectivity, as well as smartphone integration and navigation capabilities.

What truly distinguishes the Ultraviolette F77 Space Edition (2024) is its superior power output compared to its standard counterpart. The heart of this remarkable machine resides in a 30.2kW electric motor unit, generating an impressive power output of 40hp and a substantial torque of 100Nm. This remarkable power translates into a top speed of 152km/h.


One of the most appealing aspects of the F77 Space Edition (2024) is its impressive riding range, allowing users to traverse a substantial 307km before necessitating a recharge. It's important to note that the actual distance achievable may vary based on factors such as riding style, road conditions, and the nature of the terrain.

In conclusion, Ultraviolette's unveiling of the F77 Space Edition (2024) has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. With its exclusive batch of 10 units already accounted for, this limited release showcases the brand's commitment to pushing the boundaries of electric motorcycle technology, offering enthusiasts an opportunity to own a truly remarkable piece of engineering.



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