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Unveiling the SR-X Concept: A Collaboration Between Zero Motorcycles and Huge Design
Unveiling the SR-X Concept: A Collaboration Between Zero Motorcycles and Huge Design
5w ago First Look
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In a remarkable stride towards innovation, Zero Motorcycles introduces the SR-X concept, the latest result of the Design the Future Development Program in partnership with the ingenious minds at Huge Design. This pioneering initiative brings together top-tier designers, engineers, and the Zero team with a shared mission to redefine the boundaries of electric motorcycles.


At the forefront of this endeavor is Bill Webb, the creative mastermind behind Huge Design, who has played a pivotal role in shaping Zero's visionary journey. His visionary touch previously gave life to the acclaimed FXE motorcycle, with its conceptual predecessor leaving a lasting impression. Now, the spotlight turns to the SR-X – the embodiment of his groundbreaking ideas merged with Zero's unwavering commitment to pushing limits. This semi-faired concept motorcycle not only showcases Zero's cutting-edge electric powertrain but also harmonizes performance with unmatched style.


The SR-X concept embarks on a quest to achieve the perfect design equilibrium for the forthcoming era of electric motorcycles. It artfully melds sleek contours with intricate design elements, seamlessly blending the bold stance and unbridled power reminiscent of contemporary liter bikes.


Positioned at the intersection of a streetfighter and a track bike, the SR-X aims to establish a fresh sub-category within the realm of high-performance electric motorcycles. Its design philosophy is a symphony of modernity and futurism, where clean lines reign supreme without compromising the rugged allure and mechanical fascination inherent in high-performance machines.


A symphony of design unfolds as the SR-X adopts a dramatic, forward-leaning silhouette, elegantly juxtaposing its fully exposed mechanics towards the bike’s rear in an unconventional twist. Zero’s ingenious SR/S chassis and mechanics, meticulously crafted, serve as the artistic backdrop. Every mechanical nuance becomes an integral piece in this intricate puzzle.


Bill Webb, the visionary behind this masterpiece, reflects, “The SR-X concept bike strives to hit a design sweet spot for the near future of electric motorcycles by combining clean lines and disciplined design-detailing with the aggressive stance and raw performance found in modern liter bikes.”


Brian Wismann, the VP of Product Development at Zero, lauds the collaborative spirit, stating, “Working with Bill on the SM concept and FXE over the past few years has led to a great partnership with Huge Design. When we originally spoke about the SR-X project, I couldn’t wait to see Bill’s clean, structured aesthetic applied to our premium sport platform. The result exceeds expectations and points the way forward for our internal design teams.”


At the heart of the SR-X lies Zero’s advanced ZF75-10 electric motor and the cutting-edge ZF17.3 lithium-ion battery. This fusion of power and technology encapsulates Zero’s fervor for design and innovation. The SR-X is more than just a motorcycle; it’s a manifestation of boundless passion. As the SR-X takes center stage, it is poised to shape the future of the industry, carrying forward its relentless pursuit of what was once thought unachievable.

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    Wow. That’s a beautiful design.
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