Honda Confirms Return of Two Beloved miniMOTO Models for 2024
Honda Confirms Return of Two Beloved miniMOTO Models for 2024
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American Honda has exciting news to share with motorcycle enthusiasts as they unveil the highly anticipated return of two cherished miniMOTO models for the upcoming 2024 model year. Whether you're a fresh rider embarking on your biking journey or a devoted fan with a penchant for Honda's historical milestones, the iconic Monkey and Super Cub are making a triumphant comeback, drawing an eclectic range of admirers. As a pioneering force and front-runner in this domain, Honda proudly presents an impressive lineup of accessible and exhilarating pint-sized two-wheelers, solidifying its position at the forefront of innovation.

The beloved Monkey, characterized by its authentic retro design and the joy it brings to riders, is making a dazzling return with a brand-new Pearl Black color variant for the 2024 model year, complementing the timeless returning Pearl Nebula Red option. Simultaneously, the perennial favorite Super Cub maintains its stronghold in the market by offering a seamless blend of convenience and efficiency for urban rides. These models not only pay homage to Honda's rich legacy in the realm of two-wheelers but also embrace modern advancements that enhance the overall riding experience in terms of safety, enjoyment, and comfort.



Originating in the early 1960s as an attraction for Honda's Japanese amusement park named Tama Tech, the Monkey remains steadfast in its commitment to balancing fun and practicality. While its design captures the essence of retro aesthetics, its performance is anything but outdated. Equipped with cutting-edge features like programmed fuel injection, ABS brakes, responsive suspension, and a robust 124cc engine, the Monkey delivers a ride that merges the charm of yesteryears with the prowess of contemporary engineering. Tailored to optimize the enjoyment-to-mileage ratio, the Monkey's compact dimensions, featherlight build, and capable performance ensure a gratifying riding experience tailored to a diverse array of riders.

  • Retail Price: $4,299
  • Color Options: Pearl Nebula Red, Pearl Black
  • Availability: Starting September


Super Cub C125

Holding an illustrious title as the most widely sold motor vehicle in history, boasting over a staggering 100 million units sold worldwide since its inception in 1958, the Super Cub reigns supreme in offering a matchless fusion of practical simplicity and vintage design. Sporting a step-through chassis, a four-speed transmission devoid of clutch complexities, and an effortlessly lightweight structure, the Super Cub instills confidence in riders. Its 124cc four-stroke engine strikes an ideal balance between fuel efficiency and zippy performance for urban traversals. Furthermore, modern conveniences such as front-wheel ABS, fuel injection, and an electric starter contribute to the Super Cub's legendary status.

  • Retail Price: $3,899
  • Color Option: Pearl Gray
  • Availability: Starting October

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