Auction Set for Unique BMW R 18 Custom Motorcycle - Nigel Mansell's 'Il Leone Edition'
Auction Set for Unique BMW R 18 Custom Motorcycle - Nigel Mansell's 'Il Leone Edition'
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Since the debut of the BMW R 18 in 2020, it has served as the canvas for numerous custom builds that have been unveiled to the world. Some of these creations were commissioned by BMW, while others were independent endeavors. However, what remains relatively uncommon is the appearance of custom R 18 motorcycles on the market for sale.


This rarity is set to change between the dates of October 4 and 11, 2023. During this period, RM Sotheby's will conduct an auction featuring the Legacy Collection of Formula One champion Nigel Mansell. While primarily known for his accomplishments on four wheels, the Legacy Collection comprises a wealth of memorabilia from Mansell's illustrious racing career.


Amidst the collection's predominantly four-wheeled memorabilia, a couple of remarkable motorcycle-related items will also find their way to the auction block. One such item is Mansell's Honda ST 70 'Ferrari' pit bike, a relic from his brief association with the Ferrari Formula One team. The second motorbike-related highlight is the 2020 BMW R 18 'Il Leone Edition' custom build. The moniker 'Il Leone' pays homage to the nickname bestowed upon Mansell by fervent Ferrari fans, often referred to as tifosi.


Crafted under the direction of Greg Mansell, Nigel Mansell's son, who oversees the Mansell Collection on Jersey's Channel Island, this 2020 BMW R 18 'Il Leone Edition' is a rare gem, with only 31 units produced. Collaborating with Steve "Custom Bike Steve" Burt, the team fashioned this motorcycle as a tribute to Nigel Mansell. The design encapsulates the essence of BMW's racing motorcycles from the 1930s and '40s by reimagining the ergonomics.


The modifications undertaken include transforming the original single seat of the R 18 into a dual saddle configuration to accommodate a passenger. The handlebars have undergone alteration, and a bespoke, hand-painted number plate graces the side, bearing the vibrant "5" emblem in Il Leone Red.


Further delving into the intricacies of the build reveals an array of distinctive features. From custom finishes to genuine wood accents, a nod to the wooden gear knob present in Nigel Mansell's Williams F1 car, as well as a manual hand shifter and a foot clutch – even a cursory observation confirms the unparalleled nature of this motorcycle.


Enthusiasts and collectors will have a unique opportunity to acquire this particular iteration of the BMW R 18 'Il Leone Edition.' The auction, hosted as part of the RM Sotheby's Nigel Mansell's Legacy Collection event from October 4 to 11, 2023, will present the motorcycle without a reserve price. The anticipated bidding range for this exceptional piece is estimated to fall between £20,000 and £40,000 (equivalent to approximately $25,303 to $50,606).

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