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Arc Makes Grand Entrance into US Market with Exclusive Vector Signature Edition
Arc Makes Grand Entrance into US Market with Exclusive Vector Signature Edition
2 months ago First Look
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In a stunning move, Arc is blazing into the North American market with a bang, introducing the exceptional Vector Founder's Signature Edition. This game-changing electric motorcycle brand, hailing from the UK, has crafted its first model, the Vector, which has been making waves for its high-performance electric prowess. Despite past uncertainties, Arc is now firmly in the limelight with this limited-edition gem.


Timed precisely with its North American debut, the Vector Founder's Signature Edition is poised to steal the show. Designed by none other than Arc's founder and CEO, Mark Truman, this electrifying ride bears Truman's personal stamp. The company's press release underscores Truman's meticulous touch on this exclusive collector's piece. With a mere two units in existence, owning this rare beauty becomes a badge of distinction.

Already lauded as the "world's most advanced motorcycle," the Vector's Founder's Signature Edition elevates the stakes even higher. With a carbon fiber monocoque chassis, body panels, and wheels, it mirrors the sophistication of a supercar. Drawing comparisons to high-end automobiles, it flaunts more forged carbon than many supercars cruising the streets.

Dressed in resplendent Rose Gold accents, the bike exudes opulence from every angle. Handcrafted touches, including an etched leather saddle and handlebar grips, weave luxury into its essence. The Vector Founder's Signature Edition dons sleek, blacked-out Öhlins suspension components, exuding an elegant aura. The pièce de résistance is Mark Truman's autograph, strategically placed, reinforcing its unparalleled uniqueness.

In Arc's official communiqué, Mark Truman remarked, "Launching in North America calls for something exceptional." Truman's personal touch is evident in the bike's lavish specifications, ushering in new levels of customization and individuality. His pride shines through as his signature graces two of these exceptional machines.


Technologically, the Vector seamlessly integrates the CCS1 Combo charging socket, catering to fast-charging standards in the US. Its power comes courtesy of an 87-kilowatt electric motor, delivering a formidable 117 horsepower and 128 pound-feet of torque. Unleashing a top speed of 124 miles per hour, the Vector Founder's Signature Edition harnesses its potent motor, instantaneous throttle response, and single-speed belt-driven transmission.

The price tag for the Vector Founder's Signature Edition remains under wraps, but one can confidently assume it will command a premium over the already lavish $128,000 MSRP of the standard Vector.

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