Revamped Suzuki GS450 Racing Mower: Testing Thrills and Drifting Skills
Revamped Suzuki GS450 Racing Mower: Testing Thrills and Drifting Skills
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In May 2023, the team at Cars and Cameras undertook a captivating project: the creation of a Suzuki GS450 racing lawn mower/go-kart hybrid. This intriguing machine is driven by a 448cc air-cooled parallel twin engine and a six-speed gearbox sourced from a Suzuki GS450 motorcycle.


Although it flaunts a vintage Lawnflite mower hood, the entire construction is essentially a bespoke go-kart, devoid of any original mower components. Despite this, the team still affectionately refers to it as a racing mower. Their intention is to put it through its paces on the track, evaluating both its performance and its durability.

For those not acquainted, the Cars and Cameras crew operates out of northern North Carolina. Their proximity to Virginia International Raceway (VIR) proved advantageous, as they received an invitation to bring their recent projects to the track for testing. VIR is situated on the border between Virginia and North Carolina, making it conveniently accessible for the team.

Interestingly, they didn't inform VIR about the specific projects they were bringing. They simply responded to the invitation by packing up their creations—the GS450 Mower and the King Midget build—with the excitement that comes from showcasing handcrafted projects. The goal was to secure permission for the King Midget to complete a lap on the VIR's large track. However, the main focus was on performing shakedown laps of the VIR Kart track with the GS450 Mower. The aim was to determine if it could outpace the rental karts that track visitors use for friendly competitions.

Their findings? While the GS450 Mower requires some adjustments, it delivers both enjoyment and respectable speed. Notably, it showcases impressive drifting capabilities, as demonstrated by Ike from Cars and Cameras, who adeptly maneuvers the mower around corners. The video portrays Ike's progression from conventional driving to skillful drifting, adding a stylish twist to the concept of a drift-capable mower.

As the day unfolds, a common observation among the three C&C members is that the steering mechanism of the mower is physically demanding. Despite the immensely enjoyable day of testing, everyone experiences arm pain, stiffness, and soreness due to the strenuous steering. Fortunately, the mower proves to be faster than the rental karts in the hands of their drivers. The team anticipates further developments and enhancements for the GS450 mower as they continue to refine their creation.

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