Triumph Unveils Innovative Self-Lowering Rear Suspension Technology
Triumph Unveils Innovative Self-Lowering Rear Suspension Technology
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When Harley Davidson introduced the self-lowering rear suspension on its Pan America adventure bike, it caused quite a stir. This technology was aimed at addressing the issue of high seat heights on adventure bikes when they come to a halt or are stationary.


Now, taking a cue from Harley's innovation, Triumph has taken a step forward by introducing its own iteration of this technology, becoming the first major manufacturer to respond.

Incorporated into the Triumph Tiger 1200 models is the Showa semi-active suspension system. A novel addition to this system is the Active Preload Reduction feature, specifically designed to diminish the preload on the rear suspension as the bike decelerates. This adjustment results in a reduction of the seat height.


For the GT, GT Pro, and GT Explorer models, there are currently two seat height options – 850mm and 870mm. The Rally Pro and Rally Explorer models offer seat heights of 875mm and 895mm. Additionally, with the use of a low seat option as an accessory, riders can already lower the seat position by an extra 20mm, resulting in a minimum seat height of 830mm for the GT family and 855mm for the Rally family.


This new Active Preload Reduction feature takes the lowering of seat heights a step further. Depending on the combined weight of the rider, passenger, and luggage, this innovation can potentially decrease the riding height by up to 20mm when the motorcycle comes to a complete stop. This enhancement provides riders with increased comfort and confidence. Activating this feature is as simple as pressing the 'Home' button on the switch cube for one second.

Steve Sargent, Chief Product Officer, shared his thoughts: “The new Tiger 1200 range has already achieved remarkable global success, attracting new enthusiasts and boosting Triumph's standing in this highly competitive market. This novel feature can be engaged on-the-go, subtly lowering the bike's center of gravity at lower speeds. This makes the motorcycle even more approachable, enhancing rider confidence during slow-speed maneuvers and ensuring better ground contact when coming to a stop."

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