Harley-Davidson Ocean Force: A Motorcycle with Wheels Worth a Chevrolet Camaro
Harley-Davidson Ocean Force: A Motorcycle with Wheels Worth a Chevrolet Camaro
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The Harley-Davidson Ocean Force is an incredibly pricey custom motorcycle project that goes beyond the ordinary, to the extent that its wheels alone are valued at the cost of an entire Chevrolet Camaro. Customizing a Harley-Davidson is typically within reach for those with skill and creative ideas, often without breaking the bank. However, what happens when you're dealing with a project so extreme that the wheels themselves are worth as much as a brand-new Chevrolet Camaro?


Introducing the Harley-Davidson Ocean Force, formerly a Fat Boy motorcycle, which underwent a radical transformation under the expert hands of the German garage Thunderbike. This project spent several years in the Thunderbike workshop before finally emerging, revealing a stunning transformation.

The most striking feature of the Ocean Force is its matte finish, encompassing not just the black components of the bike but also the blue-green body and the gold wheels, all unified in the same finish.


Thunderbike didn't stop at the paint job; they made numerous modifications to ensure that this bike stands out. This is, after all, destined for the same garage as two other extreme projects we've previously discussed: the Red Booster and the GT 5.

When we talk about modifications, we're referring to the installation of an impressive 36 unique aftermarket parts and accessories, including an air ride suspension, a lowering kit, meticulous cover placements, a single-sided swingarm at the rear, upgraded brakes, and more.


In total, the additional hardware added to the bike came with a staggering price tag of 39,000 euros ($42,100) for the customer. This is an astronomical cost, considering it doesn't even cover the base motorcycle, the labor hours invested in the transformation, and likely several other aftermarket components, including the conspicuously modified exhaust system.

The real jaw-dropper here is that the two wheels alone cost a combined $26,700, equivalent to the starting price of a 2023 Chevrolet Camaro still listed on Chevy's configurator. It's a remarkable display of unwavering passion.


These wheels are monoblock and part of Thunderbike's Grand Prix series. The front wheel boasts a 23-inch diameter and is four inches wide, priced at $17,400. Meanwhile, the rear wheel comes in at 21 inches in diameter and nine inches wide, with a 260 mm wide Cruisetec tire wrapped around it, and this one carries a price tag of $9,300.


Is such a tremendous effort and expenditure justifiable? For most of us, it might seem like an extravagant indulgence to spend the equivalent of a full-fledged muscle car on motorcycle wheels. However, for the fortunate owner of the Ocean Force, it was a resounding yes. We're grateful that they undertook this venture, as it allows us all to appreciate this remarkable motorcycle, even if only through a screen.

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