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Aprilia Teases the Upcoming RS 457: A Fresh Addition to Their Sportbike Lineup
Aprilia Teases the Upcoming RS 457: A Fresh Addition to Their Sportbike Lineup
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Aprilia is generating significant buzz in the motorcycle community with a tantalizing sneak peek of their latest creation. The anticipation is mounting as enthusiasts eagerly await the imminent unveiling of a new sportbike, and even though the teaser provides only a fleeting glimpse, it's enough to quicken our heartbeats.


On September 7, Aprilia is set to pull the covers off their latest sportsbike, which, as confirmed by a recent trademark filing in July, is likely to be the all-new RS 457.

From the cryptic teases across various platforms, it's evident that this is not just any ordinary bike. Aprilia appears poised to introduce a smaller sibling to the acclaimed RS 660, potentially giving formidable models like the KTM RC 390, Yamaha YZF-R3, and Kawasaki Ninja 400 a run for their money.

Initially, speculation ran rampant among enthusiasts and fans, attempting to decipher the name of this enigmatic model. Many expected a nomenclature in keeping with its larger counterpart, like the "RS 440." However, Motorcycle.com has officially put those speculations to rest, introducing us to the Aprilia RS 457.

So, what can we glean about this exciting motorcycle so far?

Visually, the bike exhibits clear lineage. The front end bears striking resemblances to the RS 660 and the RSV4, particularly with its eye-catching black and red color scheme. Nevertheless, it's not a carbon copy. Closer inspection reveals a somewhat flatter fuel tank and a seat design boasting a distinctive curve. The tail design appears sleeker, shedding some of the sharp angles seen on its larger counterparts.


But let's address the unconventional nomenclature – RS 457. Most brands tend to opt for round numbers for their models, but Aprilia has chosen to break away from convention. Keen-eyed fans first picked up on this when they spotted the number "457" in the filenames of teaser photos on Aprilia's website.

Digging deeper, a visit to Aprilia India's website dropped similar hints. However, the most definitive clue came in the form of a trademark filing by Piaggio in Italy for the RS 457 logo.

While the teaser may not reveal all the details, it's clear that Aprilia is gearing up to introduce a new jewel to its lineup. If the brand's track record is any indication, the RS 457 might just be the breath of fresh air that the motorcycle community has been eagerly anticipating.

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