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Royal Enfield Accelerates Toward Debut of First Electric Motorcycle by 2025
Royal Enfield Accelerates Toward Debut of First Electric Motorcycle by 2025
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Royal Enfield is making significant strides in embracing the electric revolution, with plans to unveil its first-ever electric motorcycle by the year 2025.


The brand is steadfastly progressing towards the launch of its inaugural electric two-wheeler in 2025, backed by a dedicated team of nearly 100 experts in the fields of two-wheelers and electric vehicles. Their collective efforts are aimed at creating a robust electric motorcycle and building a thriving electric vehicle ecosystem.

A recent report from The Hindu Business Line confirms Royal Enfield's commitment to both its traditional internal combustion offerings and its groundbreaking electric venture, recognizing the evolving landscape of the motorcycle industry.

In pursuit of this ambitious vision, the company has established a specialized electric vehicle division and enlisted the expertise of Mario Alvisi, a former Ducati executive, who now serves as the Chief Growth Officer. With unwavering determination, this tightly-knit team is not only developing an electric motorcycle but also striving to capture the distinctive, high-performance essence that defines Royal Enfield.

Eicher Motors, the parent company of Royal Enfield, has strategically invested in Stark Future, a Spanish electric mobility firm, fostering opportunities for collaboration and innovation. This strategic partnership aims to harness their respective strengths for mutual benefit.

While certain components such as battery cells are procured internationally, Royal Enfield actively engages in in-house manufacturing and establishes supply chain partnerships for other essential parts. The company has expanded its network of suppliers, forging relationships with 11-12 new collaborators and exploring further avenues for growth.

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  • Matt Carroll 3w ago
    that's interesting, once a firm like this start the rest will follow.
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