20 Years of Multistrada: Ducati Museum Celebrates its Evolution
20 Years of Multistrada: Ducati Museum Celebrates its Evolution
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The Ducati Museum in Bologna, Italy, is set to celebrate the two-decade journey of the Multistrada, a motorcycle that left the motorcycle community intrigued and captivated when it first emerged in 2003. Initially regarded by some as a "sport bike in disguise" and by others as resembling a "Dyson" vacuum cleaner, the Ducati Multistrada 1000 DS has undergone a remarkable evolution over the years.


In 2010, a significant transformation took place as the Multistrada transitioned from its Desmodue V-twin engine to the Testastretta 1198, leading to the birth of the Multistrada 1200. This overhaul also introduced innovative features like various ride modes and a more adventure-oriented facelift, complete with the distinctive beak.

In 2015, the Multistrada 1260, powered by a 1,262 cc Testastretta engine, brought further advancements, including cutting-edge technology such as Skyhook Suspension, cornering ABS, and double variable timing. Yet, these improvements would soon be eclipsed by the electronic marvels of the Multistrada V4.
Multistrada-1260-MY18-51-Slider-Gallery-906x510.jpgIn 2020, Ducati's flagship adventure motorcycle introduced two groundbreaking industry-first features: radar-assisted Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) and Blind Spot Detection (BSD). This latest generation of the Multistrada also boasted a new Granturismo V4 engine, a lightweight monocoque frame, and a 19-inch front wheel.

The Ducati Museum is hosting the "Multistrada 20th – Twenty Years of Evolutionary Exploration" exhibit, showcasing both the original Multistrada 1000 DS and the 2023 Multistrada V4 Rally. The exhibition will be open until mid-October, offering a fascinating look at the evolution of this iconic motorcycle. Additionally, Ducati's annual model unveiling event, the 2024 World Première, will feature the adventurer-tourer as the center of attention, beginning in mid-September.


After two decades and the sale of over 100,000 units, the Multistrada has come a long way since its debut in 2003. With the anticipation building for the 2024 World Première, motorcycle enthusiasts eagerly await a glimpse of what lies ahead for this remarkable machine in the next phase of its evolution.

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