A Lightning-Fast Four-Cylinder Supersport: The CFMoto 500 SR
A Lightning-Fast Four-Cylinder Supersport: The CFMoto 500 SR
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CFMoto has unveiled the prototype of their upcoming 500 SR, a four-cylinder marvel designed to propel this supersport machine to speeds of 230 km/h, a feat that demands a formidable 83 horsepower.


Chinese manufacturers have long been known for their affinity for pushing boundaries, and CFMoto continues this trend with the 500 SR. The 500-cubic-centimeter four-cylinder engine aims to achieve an impressive 230 km/h top speed, requiring 83 horsepower, as calculated mathematically. This ambitious goal might indeed be attainable, given the racing DNA of the engine, as evidenced by Kawasaki's ability to extract 73 horsepower from a 399-cubic-centimeter engine as a standard offering.

The 500SR's engine boasts features like forged connecting rods, a lightweight crankshaft, and a Ram-air technique, all highlighted by CFMoto. They aptly refer to the engine as "a mid-displacement four-cylinder monster," showcasing its powerful capabilities within a medium-sized displacement category.

CFMoto is clearly committed to the 500 SR, evident not only in its high-performance 500cc four-cylinder engine but also in its innovative aluminum bridge frame. Unlike many Chinese manufacturers, who traditionally favor steel chassis due to weight considerations in their domestic market, CFMoto takes a different approach. Even in the 500 and 400 super sports car segment, where established manufacturers predominantly employ steel frames, the 500 SR stands out. For comparison, the Honda CBR 500 R weighs 192 kilograms, the Kawasaki ZX-4 RR tips the scales at 189 kilograms, and CFMoto's sibling, the 450 SR, weighs 179 kilograms. With its four cylinders, the CFMoto 500 SR is expected to have a fully fueled weight ranging between 165 and 170 kilograms. The chassis aligns with the expectations of a supersport machine, featuring an aluminum swingarm with a central strut, a USD fork with dual disc brakes up front, and radially mounted brake calipers. Notably, CFMoto opts for a 2-piston rear caliper, sourced from Brembo subsidiary J.Juan.

92735564fa2ad920bb8.pngThe CFMoto 500 SR follows the family design ethos seen in the CFMoto 450 SR and the CFMoto 675 SR introduced in September 2023, sporting the distinct CFMoto supersport look that sets it apart. Interestingly, the 500 SR, as the most extreme concept, integrates winglets into the fairing and forgoes external wing attachments. Another striking characteristic of the 500 SR is its single-seater configuration.

While the market for sub-1,000 cubic centimeter four-cylinder super sports cars in Europe has waned, Kawasaki made a bold move in 2023 by reintroducing two representatives of this genre: the ZX-6R and the ZX-4 RR. This demonstrates belief in the category's potential. CFMoto, with its racing-influenced partnership with KTM, may also consider bringing the 500 SR and its larger sibling, the 675 SR, to Europe, alongside the 450 SR, offering a wide power range spanning from 48 to well over 100 horsepower.

CFMoto introduced the 500 SR simultaneously with the 675 SR. What sets the 500 apart is its four-cylinder configuration, expected to produce at least 83 horsepower, as CFMoto claims a top speed of 230 km/h. The adoption of an aluminum chassis is a unique feature for a Chinese manufacturer, potentially giving the 500 SR an advantage in weight compared to its Japanese counterparts, which typically weigh 179 kilograms or more with steel frames.

The possibility of CFMOTO partner KTM bringing the 500 SR to Europe remains uncertain and somewhat unlikely. However, with Kawasaki's reentry into the European market with high-revving four-cylinder super sports cars in 2024, the segment's future in Europe holds promise.

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