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2024 Will See the Arrival of Enhanced KTM SMC R and Enduro R Models
2024 Will See the Arrival of Enhanced KTM SMC R and Enduro R Models
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These two bikes boast a brand-new single-cylinder engine known as the LC4, which is creating quite a buzz in the market.

What sets them apart and contributes to their popularity, similar to the KTM 690 SMC R and 690 Enduro R, is their single-cylinder engine, delivering 75 hp and fully compliant with Euro-5 emissions standards while also being road-legal. In Germany, the Supermoto 690 SMC R consistently ranks among the top 20, occasionally even in the top 10, in terms of new motorcycle registrations.

The Next Generation: KTM 690 SMC R and 690 Enduro R To maintain their exceptional performance, KTM is likely to invest in further development work because the year 2024/2025 will see the introduction of the next European motorcycle emission standard, the stricter Euro 5+.

Evolution of the LC4 Single-Cylinder Engine Upon closer examination of the spy photos, some external changes to the engine are noticeable. LC4, which traditionally stands for Liquid-Cooled, water-cooled, and four-stroke at KTM, currently boasts impressive specifications: 693 cubic centimeters, a maximum of 75 hp (55 kW) at 7,500 rpm, and 73.5 Nm of torque at 5,600 rpm.

Expanding from 693 to over 700 cubic centimeters and from 75 hp to 80 hp? Increasing engine displacement is a common strategy, not limited to KTM, to maintain or even boost performance while meeting stricter emission standards. Given the LC4's nearly 700 cubic centimeters, it's likely to exceed that figure soon. Currently, the cylinder bore, along with the forged piston, measures 105 millimeters, with an 80-millimeter stroke. With a 106-millimeter bore and an unchanged stroke, this would result in 706 cubic centimeters. A 107-millimeter bore would yield 719 cubic centimeters—potentially achieving more than the current 75 hp.

Four-Valve Cylinder Head with Overhead Camshaft (ohc) There don't appear to be significant changes in the cylinder head from the spy photos, so it's safe to assume that the tried-and-true valve train with an overhead camshaft (ohc) and four valves will remain. The setup includes rocker arms for the exhaust valves, drag levers for the intake valves, and an additional balance shaft in the head. It's also likely to retain the dual ignition system with the smaller secondary spark plug and relatively long inspection intervals (10,000 km).

Proven Lightweight Chassis from KTM The chassis of the SMC R and Enduro R shows no significant changes, if any, in the spy shots. Both models follow the established lightweight construction pattern: a chrome-molybdenum tubular frame, aluminum two-arm swing arm, and a rear frame housing a plastic tank. The current tank capacity stands at 13.5 liters. The 690 SMC R weighs 147 kilograms without fuel, while the 690 Enduro R weighs 146 kilograms, according to KTM. These figures are unlikely to change significantly. The primary difference between the enduro and Supermoto versions lies in their wheels and tires.

WP Suspension and Brembo Components Furthermore, it appears that both models feature fully adjustable upside-down telescopic forks and suspension struts from WP Suspension, a brand affiliated with KTM. The front brakes utilize Brembo monoblock four-piston calipers gripping individual 320mm discs. The bikes are equipped with tilt-optimized and adjustable assistance systems, including ABS and slip control, along with an anti-hopping clutch and quickshifter, ensuring they come equipped with modern features.


93993464fa384f77fd2.pngIn Conclusion It seems KTM is gearing up to equip its high-performance single-cylinder engine, the LC4, to meet the upcoming European emission standard, Euro 5+. As a result, we can anticipate the new iterations of the popular SMC R and Enduro R models to hit the market sometime in 2024, at the latest in 2025. These models may come with slightly increased engine displacement and horsepower, building upon the existing 693 cubic centimeters and 75 hp. Notably, there appear to be minimal to no changes in the chassis, components, and overall design of the LC4 models.

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