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The New Monkey 125: A Nostalgic Revival of Classic Colors and Iconic Checkered Seats!
The New Monkey 125: A Nostalgic Revival of Classic Colors and Iconic Checkered Seats!
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The Monkey 125, which received a powerful 5-speed transmission engine upgrade in 2021, is now back with a fresh palette of colors. It proudly introduces the beloved checkered seat, reminiscent of the original Z50M from the first generation, making it a sure hit among enthusiasts.

The iconic Yellow hue is making a triumphant return, and you have three frame colors to choose from, perfectly complementing the body.

Originally resurrected as a 125cc model in 2018, the Monkey 125 underwent further enhancements in 2021, featuring a longer-stroke engine and an upgraded 5-speed transmission, all while adhering to the 2020 emission standards. In 2023, all Monkey 125 models boast a distinctive checkered seat that pays homage to the Monkey's unique heritage.

Regarding the color options, the previous Pearl Glitter Ring Blue has been retired, making way for the vibrant Banana Yellow to make its comeback. Meanwhile, Pearl Nebula Red and Pearl Shining Black continue to grace the lineup, but unlike the 2021 model, the frame and swingarm now sport body-matching colors.

Notably, the standout choice is Pearl Nebula Red, which features an exclusive red checkered seat upholstery. With its red frame and front forks, it beautifully rekindles the spirit of the original 1967 Z50M. This unique color scheme pays homage to previous anniversary models, such as the 30th anniversary edition in 1997 and the 50th anniversary model in 2017.


While 2023 may not be a year to remember in particular, this special livery promises to hold its own against Yamaha's formidable Class 2 moped lineup.

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