The Harley-Davidson Blue Breakout Wonder: Beyond Words
The Harley-Davidson Blue Breakout Wonder: Beyond Words
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Blue, a color both vivid and soothing, is universally cherished, most often found in its natural forms: in the sky, in water, and in the eyes of a lover. Yet, on motorcycles, this vibrant hue rarely captivates the way it does on those crafted by Bundnerbike.

Swiss artisans have mastered the art of making blue the focal point of their customized Harley-Davidsons. Whether it's the $42,000 Stratos or the astonishing $2 million Bucherer, every blue creation they unleash radiates in this distinctive shade.

The latest marvel from their garage, known informally as the Blue Breakout Wonder, is a beauty that seldom graces our eyes. As Bundnerbike aptly puts it, it can "simply leave you speechless."



A breathtaking matte blue drapes the bike's fuel tank and rear fender, elegantly complemented by bold black and copper accents that adorn the surface. The entire engine and its components are cloaked in commanding black.

While blue also graces the wheels, it surrenders the spotlight to the remarkable 3D design of the hardware, skillfully crafted in-house by Bundnerbike. Especially the rear wheel, which, along with a sculpted metal rear piece milled from a single solid block and supported by a specially designed single-sided swingarm, took a year of dedicated craftsmanship to perfect. A year well invested, one might say.


Bundnerbike has masterfully created the main body components of the Breakout, namely the fuel tank and rear fender, seamlessly integrating them into the Blue Wonder's aesthetic.

The bike's original lines are disrupted by lowering the seat into the frame, sacrificing comfort for a truly impressive appearance.

While specific modification details remain undisclosed, they become secondary when confronted with such a breathtaking masterpiece. Questions about its value or the identity of its owner fade into insignificance.



Bundnerbike seems to recognize the awe-inspiring nature of the Blue Breakout Wonder. In a departure from the usual studio photographs, they present this two-wheeled marvel in a raw, picturesque setting that resembles a mine, allowing its true essence to shine through the lens.

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