Red Angel: A Stripped-Down Ducati Monster 620 Transformation from Prague
Red Angel: A Stripped-Down Ducati Monster 620 Transformation from Prague
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In the world of custom motorcycles, sometimes style takes precedence over comfort. But what if the goal is to entirely forego comfort? The Gas & Oil Bespoke Motorcycles team from Prague has achieved just that with their sleek Ducati Monster 620 custom build, aptly named the "Red Angel."

Matěj Sysel and his group of dedicated custom bike enthusiasts at Gas & Oil are no strangers to the Ducati Monster platform or our pages. This Prague-based workshop crafts an eclectic range of motorcycles, from rugged scramblers to sleek café racers. However, their latest project takes a different approach.

Matěj explains, "This is a bespoke build for a customer, and the directive was clear: create an extremely minimalist machine based on a Ducati Monster, with as little emphasis on comfort as possible. We selected the most intriguing elements from various Ducatis and fused them to create our vision of the ultimate fun machine."

Given this directive, it was evident that this Monster would be a visual spectacle even before the photos finished loading. And Gas & Oil did not disappoint. Starting with a stock 2005-model Ducati Monster 620, they retained only the frame, engine, and front forks from the donor bike by the time they were finished.

The most striking alteration is the new bodywork, notably the fuel tank, borrowed from a Ducati 999. Surprisingly, it seamlessly complements the Monster, with the open space beneath it accentuating the trellis frame and the rear cylinder of the L-twin motor.

Gas & Oil made adjustments to the frame to accommodate the new tank and fabricated a new subframe at the rear. A minimal fiberglass tail section sits atop, adorned with a barely-there seat pad. Much like the 999 tank, the tail section appears slightly detached from the bike, enhancing the Monster's agile and mechanical aesthetic.

Integrated into the rear of the tailpiece is a discreet Kellerman LED taillight, accompanied by a numberplate bracket equipped with Motogadget LED turn signals to ensure road legality. Concealed within the rear hump are all the electronics, including a JMT Lithium battery and a Motogadget mo.unit.


Moving lower on the bike, Gas & Oil transplanted the single-sided swingarm from a Ducati Monster S2R, along with the S2R's Marchesini rims and Showa shock, further obscuring any resemblance to a Monster 620.

At the front, the Monster's traditional round headlight was replaced with a tracker-style number plate. Piercing through the plate is a single LED projector from LSK Electronics, a local Czech supplier of electronic bike components. Factory handlebars were replaced with M-Style clip-ons, featuring Motogadget bar-end turn signals and mirrors. All the controls, grips, and throttle assembly were also replaced.61711564fdf4f1903e4.png

With the handlebar risers no longer in use, Gas & Oil fashioned a housing for a compact Motogadget speedometer, doubling as a blank-off plate. This clever solution tidies up the cockpit without altering the top yoke, leaving room for future handlebar changes.

The Monster's livery stays true to Ducati's iconic style, with the frame, tank, and front fender adorned in vibrant red, while the tail section is painted in crisp white. This color scheme vividly highlights the sculpted lines of the 999 fuel tank against the red backdrop.

With its reduced weight, sticky tires, clip-on handlebars, and complete absence of comfort features, Gas & Oil's client undoubtedly received precisely what they desired – a minimalist masterpiece that's as visually striking as it is focused on pure riding pleasure.


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