Heiwa MC's Masterful Custom Triumph Bonneville T100
Heiwa MC's Masterful Custom Triumph Bonneville T100
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Earning accolades at the esteemed Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show is reserved for true artisans, and Kengo Kimura, the visionary behind Heiwa MC, is a testament to this mastery. Beyond his metalworking prowess, Kimura possesses a discerning eye and impeccable taste. He crafts sophisticated machines that defy conventions without clamoring for attention.

Kimura-san previously astounded us with his ground-up vintage Triumph customs. However, his latest endeavor embraces a touch of restraint and modernity. This creation is rooted in a 2003-model Triumph Bonneville T100, commissioned by a client with two precise requests: a signature Heiwa tail cowl and high-mounted exhausts.

In response, the Japanese customizer fashioned a sleek bobber that reveals its excellence upon closer inspection. Prioritizing the bike's stance and silhouette over raw performance, Kimura made subtle modifications while leaving much of the Bonneville T100's running gear untouched.

The front forks, for instance, now sit lower but were internally shortened, rather than simply dropped through the yokes. Aftermarket shocks lower the rear, while the original brakes and 19" front wheel remain, with the rear wheel re-laced to a 16" rim. Though vintage-style Duro sawtooth tires might raise practical concerns, they harmonize perfectly with this Triumph.

Kimura's artistry extends to the creation of the Bonneville's new bodywork. A handmade steel fuel tank graces the top, bearing Heiwa's signature style. In accordance with the client's wishes, an aluminum tail cowl adorns the rear.

These two elements not only complement each other exquisitely but also conceal thoughtful details that may elude initial notice. Observe how the tank's front curve mirrors the Triumph's steering neck gusset or the subtle ducktail on the tail cowl's end.

Even Kimura's subframe modifications exhibit remarkable tidiness. Instead of the typical cut-and-shut approach, he precisely trimmed the rear frame rails and welded on bungs for attaching the rear cowl. Crowning the bike is a handsome leather saddle, accompanied by diminutive LED turn signals flanking the tail.

Beneath the seat, Kengo ingeniously housed the battery and electronics within a handmade box, occupying the former airbox space, enabling the Bonneville to breathe through a pair of pod filters.

The Triumph's cockpit combines OEM and custom components. Leveraging the T100's factory-installed stylish features, such as the one-piece 'dog bone' handlebar clamp, Kimura fitted 1" Heiwa drag bars. Chopper-style grips, a new throttle, vintage switches, and a single mirror further enhance the setup.

The original clocks have been replaced by a single aftermarket speedometer, with the light switch and starter button relocated to the left of the battery box and the ignition placed to the right, just under the fuel tank.

Up front, a Bates-style headlight is mounted on a handmade bracket, while the front turn signals are subtly positioned near the bike's frame downtubes. At the opposite end, Heiwa's signature taillight design graces a license plate mount supported by elegant struts.

Heiwa's Bonneville T100 boasts a livery befitting its tasteful modifications, meticulously executed by N2AUTO. It features a captivating candy icy blue coat adorned with impeccably placed silver pin-striping. The bike's components gracefully alternate between black and chromed finishes.



Finally, the twin shotgun exhausts, equipped with substantial heat shields and removable baffles, hug the bike closely before flaring out beyond the rider's legs. Compact and refined, this custom Triumph Bonneville T100 is unmistakably a Heiwa masterpiece, destined for admiration, even if originally crafted for a client rather than a show.

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