Five Exceptional Motorcycles Unavailable in the United States
Five Exceptional Motorcycles Unavailable in the United States
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There are various reasons why certain motorcycle manufacturers choose not to offer their full range of products in North America, and none of these reasons are particularly exciting. One significant factor is the strong presence of the cruiser market, with a large portion of American riders favoring Harley-Davidson. Additionally, unlike some other countries, the USA lacks engine displacement restrictions for motorcycle licenses, which leads to a more diverse range of lower cc options.

Despite numerous appealing options within our reach, there remains an undeniable allure for motorcycles we cannot possess. If, by some chance, a blank check were to arrive tomorrow and governmental restrictions were not an issue, here are a few of the exotic motorcycles that would make it to my international wish list.

Brixton Crossfire 500
Bearing the name Brixton, you might assume it's the next generation of affordable British motorcycles. Surprisingly, the firm hails from Austria, with its products assembled in China. Don't underestimate Brixton, though; they've introduced a line of retro-themed motorcycles with exceptional build quality and components from renowned brands. Among them, the Crossfire 500 XC stands out as a favorite, while the Crossfire 500 X offers a stylish factory-custom street look. With a liquid-cooled, 486 cc DOHC twin engine generating 47.6 hp and equipped with J. Juan single disc brakes with BOSCH ABS and adjustable KYB suspension, the Crossfire 500 X is a well-balanced choice. Priced around $7,670, it could carve out a significant market share if given the opportunity.


32758564fe425a84087.pngCCM Motorcycles Street Tracker
CCM Motorcycles, despite being a small firm with handcrafted products, competes effectively by utilizing a single liquid-cooled 600 cc platform to create a diverse catalog of 20 retro models with distinctive flair. Among these, the Street Tracker stands out. Based on a TIG-welded steel tubular chassis with adjustable suspension and powered by a liquid-cooled 600 cc single engine producing 55 bhp, it weighs just 319 pounds dry. With a stripped-down design, the Street Tracker exudes character and style. While it comes at a higher price point, around $14,368, its uniqueness and craftsmanship make it worth considering.

35422264fe42a89fe4e.pngFantic Caballero 500 Rally
The Fantic Caballero 500 Rally combines rugged off-road capabilities with a timeless scrambler aesthetic, making it one of the most distinctive motorcycles available on a budget. Its tubular chromoly steel chassis, inverted forks, and aluminum rear swingarm provide solid off-road performance. The liquid-cooled 449 cc four-valve engine, sourced from Zongshen, delivers 40 hp, while its classic scrambler appearance is complemented by retro features like a 3.2-gallon tank, slim scrambler saddle, high fenders, a skid plate, and a stainless steel exhaust by Arrow. Priced at around $9,100, it offers a compelling package.

44915464fe42e73a0c2.pngSherco 50 SM-RS Silver
While it may be just a 50 cc bike, the Sherco 50 SM-RS Silver packs a punch, especially on a kart track's supermoto day. Sherco is a reputable name in the 50 cc category in Europe. Although power figures aren't disclosed, the specs suggest a potent machine with a liquid-cooled Minarelli AM6 engine, a six-speed transmission, inverted fork, a large front disc, and 17" sumo wheels. With a seat height of approximately 33", it's optimized for sharp twists and turns. Unfortunately, Sherco's 50 cc models aren't available in the USA, and pricing information is limited.



TM Racing SMR 450 ES Fi 4T
TM Racing, based in Pesaro, Italy, offers a range of enduro and motocross bikes, with a focus on supermoto. Among their offerings, the SMR 450 ES Fi 4T stands out as a competition-inspired machine with lights and indicators. Built on an aluminum chassis with high-quality suspension components, it offers around 11" of travel. Powered by a Keihin-fed engine and equipped with Brembo brakes, this bike is built for performance. Availability and pricing in the USA are uncertain, but it's likely to be a premium option, potentially costing around $12,000.



These motorcycles represent a selection of intriguing options not currently available in the United States, each offering a unique blend of style and performance.


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