The Unique 'Snowflake' Custom Harley Breakout
The Unique 'Snowflake' Custom Harley Breakout
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In the world of custom motorcycles, where it often seems like we've seen it all, there's always that one exceptional creation that breaks the mold. The latest standout in this category hails from the renowned Bundnerbike, a German workshop known for pushing boundaries. Their latest masterpiece is a Breakout 114, aptly named "Snowflake," a departure from the conventional blacked-out or chromed Harley-Davidsons we're accustomed to.

A mere glance at Snowflake reveals its departure from the norm – it's adorned in a striking white paint job, a rarity in the realm of Harley enthusiasts who typically favor darker aesthetics or something a tad more menacing. Yet, Snowflake distinguishes itself not only through its choice of color but also with a series of tasteful modifications that maintain its commanding presence despite the lighter hue.

These enhancements include the classic big and small front and rear wheel/tire setup, a timeless design element that never goes out of style. Additionally, the bike sports white paint accents on its frame attachments, a revamped handlebar setup, H-D foot pegs, a custom leather saddle for improved aesthetics and comfort, and a side-mounted number holder for added flair.

The addition of LED lighting at the rear ensures balance and visibility when the rider slows down or cruises along, while Bundnerbike thoughtfully extended the tank for good measure. A set of H-D grips provides a comfortable grip, enhancing the riding experience.

Under the hood, the Milwaukee-Eight 114 powerplant received a handful of upgrades, including a Bundnerbike air filter and a Kess Tech exhaust system. These not only contribute to the bike's aesthetics but also promise a pleasing sound from the torquey engine.

In summary, the Snowflake Breakout is not an over-the-top custom build, and that's precisely what makes it exceptional. While white may not be our color of choice for motorcycles, we can certainly admire the bold decision to break away from the crowd and make a unique statement amidst the sea of custom Harleys on the road.

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