Harley-Davidson Outtalimit: A Fiery Dream Machine That'll Torch Your Wallet
Harley-Davidson Outtalimit: A Fiery Dream Machine That'll Torch Your Wallet
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After years of closely monitoring the custom motorcycle scene, one prevailing notion becomes abundantly clear: custom motorcycles typically serve as tangible expressions of their owners' dreams, often born from the foundations of existing bikes. These machines are primarily designed to captivate the eye, rarely straying into the realm of radical functionality, such as spewing flames from their exhaust pipes.

Nevertheless, within the sphere of custom bike builders, there exist individuals who refuse to settle for mere modifications to the likes of Fat Boys and similar models. Enter the likes of Fred Kodlin, a trailblazer in the world of motorcycle customization, and the first non-American to secure a place in the esteemed International Master Bike Builders Association (IMBBA) Hall of Fame.

For decades, Kodlin has been a prominent figure in the motorcycle scene, yet somehow, many of his projects have eluded the mainstream media's scrutiny, despite their status as some of the most extreme two-wheeled creations in existence.

Consider the Outtalimit, for example. Born in Kodlin's workshop in 2013, this remarkable creation was not derived from an existing motorcycle but meticulously crafted from the ground up by the skilled hands of the German maestro.

Assembling the Outtalimit was no small feat, consuming a staggering eight months of Kodlin's time and expertise. At its core, the motorcycle boasts a frame handcrafted in-house, housing an unspecified Harley-Davidson engine. An all-metal bodywork, from fenders to fuel tank, envelops the frame, and the entire ensemble is adorned with an eye-catching orange finish, complete with intricate detailing.

Kodlin personally crafted both wheels, with a colossal 30-inch front wheel stealing the spotlight while an inconspicuous 18-inch rear wheel is tucked away beneath the bagger's bodywork, supported by a Kodlin swingarm.

To provide versatility in its stance, the entire bike is equipped with an air suspension system, allowing it to be lowered or raised as the situation demands.

Apart from the components hand-forged by Kodlin himself, he enlisted the aid of Performance Machine for sourcing the braking hardware, grips, and footpegs, while Harley-Davidson contributed the oil tank, one of the very few original Milwaukee-made components that found a place in this extraordinary creation.

The current whereabouts of this exceptional motorcycle remain a mystery, but one thing is certain: when it was originally conceived, its value was an astounding $152,000 US. While this price tag may seem exorbitant, the unparalleled uniqueness of the Outtalimit, and perhaps its ability to breathe fire from its exhaust, unquestionably justifies its worth.

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