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BMW Introduces ConnectedRide Navigator for 2014 and Newer BMW Motorcycles
BMW Introduces ConnectedRide Navigator for 2014 and Newer BMW Motorcycles
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On September 7, 2023, BMW Motorrad unveiled its latest innovation, the ConnectedRide Navigator. This advanced device seamlessly syncs with the BMW Cloud service and offers backward compatibility with all BMW motorcycles manufactured since 2014, provided they are equipped with a multicontroller. Let's dive into the details.

The ConnectedRide Navigator serves as an efficient route planner and receives over-the-air updates, eliminating the need for manual computer connections during updates. It relies on a data connection (with the option to use rider-installed SIM cards) to stay up-to-date while on the move.

Featuring a 5.5-inch touchscreen display, BMW assures that it offers exceptional brightness and readability, even under direct sunlight. These qualities are particularly appealing to travelers, making it intriguing to see how riders will evaluate these claims in real-world testing.

When installed on your BMW motorcycle, the ConnectedRide Navigator synchronizes its display brightness with other onboard displays. Charging options include utilizing the BMW onboard network or plugging it in via the included USB-C cable, supporting up to a 2.4 amp current.

The ConnectedRide Navigator offers live traffic information when connected to the internet via a SIM card or WiFi. Route planning can be conveniently executed on your preferred device (via the app, computer, or other methods), saved to your BMW Cloud, and seamlessly displayed on your Navigator.

Naturally, smartphone integration is a key feature, allowing users to control music streaming apps and use their phones for communication while riding.

Furthermore, the ConnectedRide Navigator seamlessly integrates with other BMW Motorrad ConnectedRide devices via Bluetooth, including BMW's ConnectedRide helmets and Smartglasses. Users can control these devices from the Navigator using the multicontroller, providing a unified riding experience.

Pricing and Availability BMW Motorrad offers its official accessories globally, with pricing and availability varying by region. For the most accurate information in your area, it's recommended to contact your local BMW Motorrad dealer.

According to BMW Motorrad, the ConnectedRide Navigator is set to be available on November 1, 2023. To use it, riders will need a 2014 or newer BMW motorcycle with navigation preparation already installed. Once these criteria are met, riders can securely place the ConnectedRide Navigator in its holder using their motorcycle key.

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