Harley-Davidson Evo 240: A Carbureted Beast Enhanced with Impeccable Modifications
Harley-Davidson Evo 240: A Carbureted Beast Enhanced with Impeccable Modifications
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During the years spanning from 1984 to 1999, the renowned American motorcycle manufacturer, Harley-Davidson, equipped certain models with an engineering marvel known as the Evolution engine. This remarkable piece of machinery left such a lasting impression that, irrespective of the various models it powered (most notably the Softails), they collectively earned the moniker of "Evo motorcycles."

Despite no longer rolling off the production line for quite some time, these motorcycles continue to traverse the roads today, often in strikingly customized forms that bear the creative imprints of enthusiasts from around the world.

The motorcycle we are currently showcasing represents one of the most recent Evo transformations to come to our attention. Recently unveiled by the Spanish custom garage, Lord Drake, this ride is presented as a "collector's condition" masterpiece, complete with all the meticulous modifications.

At its core, this motorcycle began life as a 1996 Softail Heritage and currently resides in the possession of Lord Drake's founder, Francisco Ali Manen. While not brand new, it has seen relatively light use, with the odometer registering just 7,500 kilometers (approximately 4,660 miles).

However, its appearance has undergone a profound transformation, the result of extensive customization efforts. This transformation involved not only the replacement of certain components but also the alteration of the subframe to bring to life a custom vision: a vintage motorcycle infused with a "thoroughly modern, aggressive, sporty, and, of course, custom bike style."

Let's begin at the front, where the original fork remains, albeit in a lowered stance and adorned with a sleek, all-encompassing black finish. It cradles a 21-inch front wheel sourced from Harley-Davidson, which is graced with a subtle fender accentuating its top. Just behind it, the Softail's frame enjoys discreet protection from a minimalist spoiler.

Moving further towards the rear and up along the frame, the Evo's original fuel tank has been replaced by a teardrop-shaped counterpart that seamlessly extends backward, transforming into a seat adorned with micro-perforated leather and embellished with double diamond stitching in a striking orange hue.

The motorcycle's rear end boasts another wheel sourced from Harley-Davidson, this one measuring 18 inches in diameter and wrapped in a substantial 240-millimeter-wide rubber tire, which partly inspires the custom bike's name. A custom swingarm secures this wheel in place, shifting the location of the license plate holder.

The bike's frame still houses the original carbureted 1,340cc (82ci) engine, now equipped with a new breathing system in the form of a pair of black exhaust pipes and a matching chrome air filter.




All modifications, both subtle and striking, have been coated in a matte graphite gray finish, adorned with a prominent black stripe highlighted with orange accents that elegantly stretches the length of this two-wheeled masterpiece.

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