Harley-Davidson's 'Postman' Custom Bike
Harley-Davidson's 'Postman' Custom Bike
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While Harley-Davidson is renowned for crafting motorcycles for civilians, they've also ventured into creating specialized models for emergency services. Among these, three are tailored for police use, based on the Road Glide (slated for release in 2024), Electra Glide, and Road King, while two more are designed for what Harley terms "rescue services," specifically the Electra Glide and Road King. Notably absent from their current lineup is a police-spec Street Glide, and there's no official Harley-Davidson model intended for postal operations.

However, the bike we're presenting here is a unique blend of both worlds. It appears to have originated as a Street Glide and possibly served police duties, as law enforcement agencies often have the liberty to choose motorcycles beyond what Harley provides for this purpose off the factory floor.

Through a customization process carried out by Kodlin American branch in Germany, this motorcycle has undergone a transformation. While it may no longer be suitable for police use, it has evolved into something akin to what a mail carrier might utilize. Appropriately, it's been named "Postman."

Adorned in an elegant shade of blue across its prominently visible components, the Street Glide underwent significant alterations. The customization journey commenced with the installation of new wheels, the exact dimensions of which remain unspecified but are sourced from Arlen Ness.

A spacious fairing above the front wheel houses an adaptive headlight and a windscreen provided by Klock Werks. At the rear, Kodlin-manufactured 3-in-1 lights have been added, with the customizer also crafting the bike's turn signals, handlebar, and seat.

The engine of the Street Glide remains unaltered, a common practice when customizing Harleys, but it received a slight enhancement in the form of an S&S exhaust.

This bike was assembled with an eye for style, likely for a trip to Sturgis, which explains the presence of an oversized bag mounted over the rear fender, secured by a sissy bar. This bag is so sizable that it not only overshadows everything else on the bike but could very well accommodate your entire household, as proudly stated by Kodlin.

The owner's identity, whether a postman or a police officer, and the cost of this transformation remain undisclosed. For reference, in today's market, an unmodified Harley-Davidson Street Glide can typically be acquired for as little as $21,999, depending on your perspective.
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