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Yamaha Unveils the 2024 WR450F: Leaner, Sleeker, and More Dynamic
Yamaha Unveils the 2024 WR450F: Leaner, Sleeker, and More Dynamic
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As the tradition goes, the 2024 WR450F continues its legacy by sharing the same foundation as its motocross sibling, the YZ450F. The latest platform boasts a lighter, more streamlined design that exudes greater speed than its predecessor. It is purpose-built for the rigors of off-road enduro, offering unique power and handling characteristics tailored to its specific role. Below, you'll find the official details and images released by Yamaha.


Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA, proudly presents the 2024 WR450F, setting a fresh standard for open-class enduro performance. Building on the recent enhancements made to Yamaha's renowned YZ450F motocrosser, the new WR450F is now slimmer, lighter, faster, and more responsive than ever before, delivering a stronger and more enduring power delivery.

But that's not all; significant refinements have been made across the entire machine to craft distinctive WR450F characteristics. Yamaha's engineering team meticulously fine-tuned this bike for its intended role as a high-performance enduro machine. While it shares its roots with the MX cousin, the WR450F boasts power delivery, handling, and suspension fine-tuned exclusively for enduro performance.

The numerous alterations made to the 2024 WR450F collectively shed weight, enhance handling, and boost tractability. The outcome is a user-friendly enduro machine that's quick to master, extraordinarily adept in technical scenarios, and more versatile than ever.

A Lighter, Potent Powerplant

The all-new engine, derived from the current YZ450F, features larger 39mm-diameter intake valves, a revamped piston, conrod, improved bearings, optimized crank mass inertia, and a dry sump oil tank with an integrated generator cover. Many components have been lightened, including the piston, cylinder, crank assembly, cam chain, con rod bearings, and lubrication system, resulting in a 2.4-pound lighter engine. Additionally, the 2024 WR450F features a customized ECU to provide excellent low-speed tractability and potent mid-to-high-speed performance.

Revamped Transmission

The drivetrain now incorporates the new YZ450F lightweight disc-spring clutch, offering a more compact design with lighter actuation and a precise engagement point. The wide-ratio five-speed gearbox boasts wider main shaft gears, reducing weight while enhancing strength, with gear ratios tailored for enduro racing.

Lower Center of Gravity

The advanced aluminum bilateral beam frame features a 15mm lower head pipe joint, lowering the frame rail and tension pipe for a reduced center of gravity, enhancing handling. The chassis exhibits a revised rigidity balance designed specifically for the WR450F, focusing on flex characteristics, and the engine mounts are specially calibrated for optimal cornering, bump absorption, and overall handling. A new compact fuel tank with a larger lower area and a lower fuel pump position, coupled with a shorter muffler, further centralizes mass.

Enhanced KYB Suspension

The new KYB suspension now offers tool-free compression damping adjustment on the fork tops. With a seat height 10mm lower than the YZ450F and a reduced center of gravity, the 2024 WR450F boasts 11.8 inches of front suspension travel and 12 inches of rear suspension travel, providing precise control over diverse terrains. This setup enhances front grip and rear traction, instilling a more planted feel and improving the machine's maneuverability on narrow trails.

Sleeker Bodywork with Improved Ergonomics

A generous flow of clean air now originates from the bike's rear, resulting in a more streamlined body. The shroud width has been significantly reduced, with smoother side surfaces that facilitate easier leg movement, contributing to the bike's lighter and more agile handling. The new seat features a flatter, narrower design with rounded edges, enhancing ease of movement. The riding position has been improved, offering 10mm more legroom, and the handlebars are positioned slightly closer for a more natural posture.

Additional Lightweight Components

The 2024 WR450F also incorporates lightweight components such as the rear wheel and rear braking system. A three-spoke pattern connects the blue anodized Excel rim to a lighter hub, while a new YZ450F-inspired rear brake system reduces further weight. Additionally, the bike boasts a lightweight lithium-ion battery, a lighter footpeg bracket, and even lighter throttle cables, resulting in an overall weight reduction of over 4 pounds.

Additional New Features

A new skid plate has been added to enhance protection for the lower frame, engine covers, and coolant hoses. On the left-hand side of the handlebars, new multifunction switchgear provides added functionality, while the multifunction meter display now shows speed, trip distance, low fuel, and engine warning lights.The water-resistant PVC handlebar pad, redesigned rear fender with a grab area, and improved fork seals for extended life complete the package of updates for the 2024 WR450F.

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