Brembo Special Trophy for Valentino Rossi's Legendary Career
Brembo Special Trophy for Valentino Rossi's Legendary Career
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From the inception to the culmination of his illustrious journey, Valentino Rossi exclusively relied on Brembo braking systems for his racing motorcycles.

The name Valentino Rossi transcends the boundaries of motorcycle aficionados and motorsport enthusiasts, achieving universal recognition as one of the most iconic athletes of all time. Valentino Rossi's career shines as a beacon, not only in the realm of motorsports but in the broader pantheon of sports worldwide.

Significantly enhancing the Italian racer's exceptional career was his steadfast partnership with Brembo, renowned for their exceptionally efficient and performance-oriented braking systems in both two and four-wheeled applications. Brembo played a pivotal role in the trajectory of Rossi's career, with every one of his race bikes being equipped with Brembo braking systems.

In celebration of the San Marino GP at Misano, Brembo presented Valentino Rossi with a distinctive trophy commemorating his remarkable racing career. This trophy was more than a mere accolade; it was meticulously handcrafted to encapsulate the entirety of Rossi's journey. The trophy incorporated elements from Rossi's inaugural race bike in 1996, and it also featured components from his final race bike, the Yamaha YZR-M1, which he rode during his farewell race in Valencia in 2021.

Reflecting on this ceremony, Brembo CEO Daniele Schillaci expressed, "It is a profound honor for us to bestow upon him this unique trophy, symbolizing his unwavering connection with Brembo. On behalf of the company, I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Valentino for his enduring partnership, which enabled us to continually innovate and provide cutting-edge braking solutions for every category of sports bike in which he competed and triumphed."

Valentino Rossi's racing career stands as one of the most illustrious in the industry's history. Over the course of 432 Grands Prix, Rossi amassed an impressive tally of over 6,350 points. In the MotoGP category alone, he claimed the coveted top position 89 times, achieving a total of 115 victories throughout his career. Remarkably, Rossi never wavered from his reliance on Brembo braking systems, and the company has offered intriguing estimates regarding the extensive array of Brembo components Rossi utilized throughout his remarkable journey. Brembo's calculations suggest that Rossi consumed more than 450 front rotors, in excess of 1,000 brake pads, and approximately 280 liters of brake fluid during the entirety of his remarkable career.

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