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2024 BMW F 800 GS: An Exciting Evolution in Adventure Motorcycling
2024 BMW F 800 GS: An Exciting Evolution in Adventure Motorcycling
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BMW is set to revitalize the adventure motorcycle scene once more, introducing the enhanced F 800 GS, building upon the foundation of the middleweight F 750 GS.

  • The 2024 BMW F 800 GS boasts an upgraded 895cc engine generating 87 horsepower, delivering a substantial increase in speed and power for enthusiasts of sport touring adventures.
  • This new iteration of the F 800 GS introduces standard and optional ride modes, allowing riders to tailor the motorcycle's behavior to various weather, terrain, and road conditions.
  • BMW has enriched the standard features of the F 800 GS, including the addition of heated grips and hand protectors, complemented by a 6.5" TFT color display integrated with smartphone connectivity, providing control over music, calls, and navigation.

BMW's GS series of adventure and sport touring motorcycles have solidified their legendary status since their inception in the 1980s. They've been instrumental in inspiring other manufacturers to venture into the adventure bike realm, even if they are currently playing catch-up. BMW's extensive experience in this field ensures they remain at the forefront of the game.

The 2024 lineup of GS bikes includes a significant evolution of the aging F 750 GS. While the exact pricing in the US remains undisclosed, in the UK, it's projected to start at £7,841.67 before additional taxes and fees, roughly equivalent to $9,822.51. While US pricing may vary, this figure serves as a reasonable estimate, especially considering the outgoing F 750 GS's starting price of $9,995.

Enhanced Performance

One of the most significant improvements in the 2024 model is the boost in engine capacity, torque, and power. BMW claims that the new 895cc parallel-twin engine will deliver 87 horsepower, a 10-horsepower increase over its predecessor. This power surge promises a higher top speed, potentially surpassing the previous model's claimed 118 mph. The additional 10 horsepower will be especially appreciated by sport touring enthusiasts, whether cruising on highways, navigating canyons, or conquering twisty roads.

Standard and Optional Ride Modes

For riders seeking optimal performance from their F 800 GS, BMW has introduced standard and optional ride modes. These modes, made possible by ride-by-wire technology, grant riders control over the motorcycle's behavior based on factors such as weather, terrain, and road conditions. The F 800 GS offers two standard modes, Rain and Road, with the option to upgrade to the PRO modes, Dynamic and Enduro, for more specialized riding experiences. Commuters and occasional travelers may find the Rain and Road modes perfectly suited to their needs, while those craving an extra edge can opt for the PRO modes.

Upgraded Standard Features

BMW has not only elevated the engine but also enhanced the standard features of the new F 800 GS. The standout addition is the inclusion of heated grips and hand protectors, a boon for riders seeking warmth, comfort, and protection in adverse weather conditions. These features are often appreciated more than anticipated once riders experience their benefits.

The 6.5" TFT color display from the previous model has been retained, now equipped with BMW's proprietary smartphone connectivity function. This functionality empowers riders to control their smartphones and other Bluetooth devices through the handlebar-mounted multi-controller. It enables tasks such as selecting music, managing calls, and utilizing navigation via the TFT screen.

Optional Accessories

The F 800 GS offers a wide array of optional accessories, including the BMW Intelligent Emergency Call system, available at an additional cost. Featuring an "SOS" button on the handlebars, this system connects riders with a dedicated BMW emergency response agent in case of accidents or emergencies. It can also automatically trigger a call when the bike detects a crash and the rider becomes unresponsive—ideal for solo adventurers exploring remote areas. Additionally, various accessories such as luggage systems, tank bags, adjustable foot brake levers, handlebar risers, tall windscreens, and more are available to cater to individual preferences.


Of course, a model update wouldn't be complete without fresh color options. The 2024 F 800 GS offers three enticing color schemes. The base model features Lightwhite solid paint, while the Sport variant sports Racing Blue, and the Triple Black version showcases Blackstorm metallic. Each color scheme exudes its own charm, with the Racing Blue option standing out as a classic BMW look, boasting white, blue, and red patterns. Regardless of your chosen paint scheme, the 2024 F 800 GS, with its enhanced features and technology, promises to elevate the sport touring adventure motorcycle experience beyond its predecessor.

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