Honda CB100 Neo-Retro Transformation with GL200 Engine
Honda CB100 Neo-Retro Transformation with GL200 Engine
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Originally introduced in 1970, the Honda CB100 enjoyed a brief three-year stint in the US but continued to thrive for a remarkable 15 years in Asian markets, particularly Indonesia. Its compact size, lightweight build, and versatile five-speed transmission made it a beloved choice for daily commuters.

In Indonesia's thriving HEREX scene, dedicated to all things Honda and dominated by small-capacity models like the CB100, these bikes remain highly sought-after. Their reputation for reliability and ease of customization, coupled with the accessibility of both genuine and aftermarket parts, keeps their popularity alive.

This particular 1973 Honda CB100 belongs to Raymond Nainggolan, who, along with his like-minded friends, runs the EGO Project workshop—a tight-knit community united by an unwavering passion for all things automotive.

Though Honda never officially confirmed it, "CB" is widely believed to stand for "city bike." Embracing this concept, Raymond and his team embarked on a project to transform the 1970s Honda CB100 into a sleek and modern urban runabout. However, by the time they finished, the bike bore little resemblance to its original form.

The project began with a complete disassembly, leaving nothing but the bare frame. Raymond aimed to preserve the bike's original design, but he wanted to refine its aesthetics. Electrical components, including the coils, were relocated beneath the tank, mounted on precision-cut steel brackets, and the frame was reinforced at strategic points.

While initially attempting to revive the original CB engine, the team encountered an issue with the factory kick-starter conflicting with the new foot peg position. After an exhaustive search for a similar kick-start engine, they ultimately decided to replace it with an electric start Honda GL200 engine. Fortunately, the GL200 engine's compatibility with the CB's frame required minimal modifications.

One striking visual alteration involved fitting the bike with a robust upside-down front end. The EGO team installed 50 mm Kayaba forks, complete with a modern fender at the bottom and a 5" headlight on top. To balance the setup, gold RCB shocks were added at the rear.

Is the bike perhaps overly suspended? It's a possibility, but there's no denying it looks fantastic. The addition of 17" spoked wheels with disc brakes enhances the CB100's sleek appearance and improves its overall rideability. Furthermore, a locally crafted stainless steel exhaust system, likely responsible for unleashing an extra horsepower or two, adds to the bike's appeal.

The Honda's updated bodywork exudes a modern industrial charm. EGO Project retained the original fuel tank but ingeniously constructed a fiberglass rear "cover" to visually extend it. This innovation vastly improves upon the stock design by seamlessly bridging the gap between the tank and the seat.

Upon completion, the tank received an exquisite coat of champagne silver paint, complemented by a dark grey finish on the new fiberglass component. Custom resin Honda badges were added, drawing inspiration from the vintage-style emblems adorning Honda's modern mini-bikes.

The CB100's redesigned rear end is undoubtedly a standout feature. Taking inspiration from neo-retro bikes like the Husqvarna Svartpilen, EGO Project 3D-printed a modular seat pan and rear cowl. The seat pan was then cushioned with foam and adorned with stylish oxblood leather.

Additionally, the team 3D-printed the LED turn signal housings and taillight housing. The distinctive taillight "lens" design drew inspiration from long-exposure photographs of light trails at night. Hidden steel brackets were employed to seamlessly adapt these new components to the frame, minimizing the need for extensive alterations.

The control area was kept elegantly straightforward. A set of handlebars, grips, and switches sourced from a Honda CB150R were effortlessly integrated, complemented by a pair of sleek Rizoma bar end mirrors. Raymond stumbled upon the perfect modern-looking LCD speedometer online, adding to the bike's contemporary appeal.

What truly sets this enhanced CB100 apart is its impeccable cleanliness. Subtle EGO Project logos are tastefully scattered throughout the build, harmonizing with period-correct Honda branding, resulting in a polished factory-inspired aesthetic. Without a doubt, this bike is poised to become a sensation within the local HEREX community.

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