Insights Gained from a Global Motorcycle Journey
Insights Gained from a Global Motorcycle Journey
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Embarking on the epic journey of circumnavigating the world on a motorcycle is a dream many harbor, yet only a select few dare to chase.

The allure is undeniable: endless days traversing exotic terrain on two wheels, immersing oneself in new sights, sounds, and cultures until the extraordinary becomes the ordinary.

Setting off from home, you'll be a bundle of nerves and enthusiasm, and upon your return, months or even years later, you'll be a weathered adventurer, having followed in the tire tracks of motorcycling legends like Ted Simon, Elspeth Beard, Ewan McGregor, and Charley Boorman, etching your own unique path around the globe.

So, if you've made the choice to embrace a nomadic life on two wheels, what essential wisdom should you glean before you embark?

Embarking on a Global Motorcycle Odyssey

The most invaluable lessons come from those who have successfully circumvented the planet themselves, intrepid travelers like Luke Philips, who recently concluded a remarkable six-year, 120,000-mile journey.

We had the privilege of interviewing Luke for the September/October 2023 edition of Adventure Bike Rider magazine. Amidst a treasure trove of insights, he delved into the driving forces behind his epic voyage, the catalyst for taking the plunge, the most effective strategies for navigation in foreign lands, and the equipment and motorcycle modifications he wished he'd undertaken before commencing his adventure.

If you're planning your own grand or modest motorcycle expedition, you'd be wise to absorb Luke's wisdom before you set out.

Remember, there's never a perfect time for travel; just seize the moment...

"While I was in university, I had the opportunity to visit Vietnam and embark on the iconic Top Gear motorcycle route, a three-week journey spanning the entire country.

It was exhilarating, but it also dawned on me that this was the ultimate way to experience a nation. It's an adventure you can undertake solo, in solitude with your thoughts beneath your helmet.

Upon completing my degree, I found myself unwilling to slide back into the routines of everyday life. I had saved a substantial sum, so in 2017, I made the bold choice to sell all my possessions and embark on a global motorcycle journey."

You don't need the most expensive bike if it's beyond your budget...

"I cherished my 1998 CB500. It had been my faithful companion, serving me flawlessly through all types of weather. Not once did I have to make any major repairs, and it pased every MOT without a hitch.

When considering a new motorcycle for my expedition, I realized that this dependable Honda had been my daily ride through thick and thin. Honda had recently introduced the CB500X, and it occurred to me that I could acquire it, enhance it, and utilize the thousands I'd save for travel expenses.

Moreover, I was aware of its reliability and ease of repair—crucial factors when journeying around the world."

You can't predict every twist of fate...

"When the COVID-19 pandemic erupted, I encountered significant challenges. I had just crossed into India from Myanmar just an hour before they sealed the border entirely.

A fellow Colombian rider I was traveling with didn't make it; he was stranded on the other side. I found myself confined to a hotel room on one side, while he was on the other. We naively believed we could simply wait it out, presuming it would be a mere month.

Of course, we were grievously mistaken. I contacted the British Embassy to inform them of my location, as there were violent protests erupting, making it a perilous place at the time."

You won't remember everything, so snap plenty of photos...

"Upon reaching Australia, I invested in my first camera and dedicated several hours each day to honing my photography skills.

It's essentially my way of sharing the marvels I encounter with others, while also capturing a significant moment from each day's journey.

Naturally, one can't photograph everything they witness, but I endeavor to immortalize each day with an image that has left a profound impression on me."

Photo and Story: Luke Philips

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