Harley-Davidson's 'Green Disease': A 1,500-Mile Ride Spreading the Cool Factor
Harley-Davidson's 'Green Disease': A 1,500-Mile Ride Spreading the Cool Factor
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In my opinion, there's something undeniably appealing about custom motorcycles bearing seemingly unattractive names. Who can resist the allure of a finely crafted piece of machinery concealed beneath an incongruous moniker?

Over the years, we've witnessed numerous examples of such intriguing builds with unconventional names, but I must confess that the "Harley-Davidson Green Disease" holds a special place in my heart. Allow me to elucidate.

First and foremost, we're talking about a Road King, that iconic symbol of American touring bikes that riders often dream of straddling in their wiser years. Originally manufactured in 2021, this Road King underwent a remarkable transformation under the skilled hands of the customizer known as Kodlin.

Kodlin undertook this project with a specific objective in mind: to participate in the arduous California to Sturgis run, covering a staggering 1,500 miles (2,400 km). In the process, this motorcycle likely infected everyone it encountered with the irresistible allure of customization.

The name "Green Disease" is a nod to the striking paint job adorning the bike's main components. Despite its overt vibrancy, the various shades of green intermingled with black fail to obscure the extensive modifications made to the Road King.

The first notable alteration is the bike's stance, achieved through the installation of an air ride system. Complementing this setup are custom wheels of undisclosed origin, with a substantial 21-inch front wheel and a rear wheel discreetly concealed beneath the sizable hard bags.

Throughout the bike, one can discern an array of custom elements, most of which were meticulously crafted in-house by Kodlin. These include a distinctive handlebar up front, newly integrated lights and turn signals, and redesigned foot pegs. Towards the rear, a low-sitting, specially crafted seat enhances the bike's overall aesthetics.

Setting it apart from many other contemporary custom motorcycle projects, the Green Disease boasts significant engine modifications. The stock 170ci engine nestled within the Road King's frame was treated to a Stage III kit, expanding its displacement to 119ci and significantly augmenting the powerplant's performance.

Moreover, the Milwaukee-Eight engine received a custom air filter and a specialized exhaust system courtesy of Two Brothers Racing, further elevating its prowess.


While the exact total cost of transforming the Road King into the Green Disease remains undisclosed, it's worth noting that the Stage III kit alone for the engine commands a price of $2,000 at Harley-Davidson. When factoring in the base cost of around $24,000 for a contemporary bike of this caliber, along with the countless man-hours, the attention-grabbing paint job, and various additional enhancements, it's safe to estimate the final value of this motorcycle at approximately $40,000.

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