Recall Alert: Engine Stall Risk in Some Triumph Trident 660 and Tiger Sport 660 Motorcycles
Recall Alert: Engine Stall Risk in Some Triumph Trident 660 and Tiger Sport 660 Motorcycles
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Triumph Motorcycles America has issued a safety recall affecting select 2022 through 2024 Triumph Trident 660 and Triumph Tiger Sport 660 motorcycles due to a potential engine stalling issue. The recall encompasses approximately 7,541 bikes produced during this period, representing 100 percent of the affected population. If you own a 2022 through 2024 Trident 660 or Tiger Sport 660, it is imperative to arrange for service as soon as possible.

The problem at hand stems from a hose obstruction and inaccuracies in sensor information reaching the engine control unit (ECU), resulting in incorrect adjustments. In the event of an unexpected engine stall, there is an increased risk of a potential accident.

The affected motorcycles have a manifold absolute pressure (MAP) hose that could become obstructed, leading to erroneous data recorded by the MAP sensor. This inaccurate information is then transmitted to the ECU, which relies on it to adjust the fuel/air mixture. Without the correct data, an unstable engine idle may occur, ultimately causing the engine to stall.

For Trident 660s, the affected production dates span from January 6, 2021, to July 27, 2023, with VINs falling within the range SMTL10UL5NTAE9988 to SMTL10UL8RTBP8186. On the Tiger Sport 660 side, the affected bikes were produced from August 3, 2021, to August 4, 2023, with VINs ranging from SMTL20UL6NTAV5235 to SMTL20UL2RTBP8617.

Owners are advised to be vigilant for signs of uneven engine idling as a potential warning signal. Authorized Triumph dealers will conduct inspections and provide necessary service at no cost to the customers. The service involves replacing the original single hose with a new three-branch hose bearing a distinct part number.

Triumph promptly informed its American dealer network about this recall on August 18, 2023, concurrently issuing a Stop Sale Notice to halt the sale of all affected bikes until the issue is resolved. The official documentation for this recall is identified as Safety Recall Action Notice 609 in Triumph's records.

Triumph intends to notify registered owners of affected motorcycles on or around August 31, 2023. Starting from August 8, 2023, both Trident 660 and Tiger Sport 660 production lines have introduced the replacement part, ensuring that all motorcycles produced thereafter will feature the corrected hose and will not be subject to this recall.

For further information or assistance, owners can reach out to Triumph Motorcycles America's Customer Service at 1-678-854-2010. The recall campaign number assigned to this issue by Triumph is SRAN 609. Alternatively, owners can contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Vehicle Safety Hotline at 1-888-327-4236 (TTY 1-800-424-9153), or visit www.nhtsa.gov, referencing recall number 23V-583.

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