Transforming the BMW F650 Funduro into a Street Tracker: Meet "Bumblebee
Transforming the BMW F650 Funduro into a Street Tracker: Meet "Bumblebee
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The idea of converting a mid-90s BMW F650 Funduro into a custom flat track-style motorcycle might not be on everyone's radar, but Georg Godde sees the potential. Georg, along with his partner-in-crime Holger Maninger, operates Cafemoto, a BMW specialist workshop located in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. While their portfolio mainly showcases BMW boxers and K-series bikes, Georg has a soft spot for older BMW singles.

Cafemoto's previous single-cylinder project was a BMW G650 Xcountry street tracker, and Georg was eager to work on another Rotax-powered BMW. When his son turned 18 and could upgrade to larger bikes, he seized the opportunity to embark on this unique project.

But why did they choose the unassuming Funduro for this venture? Georg explains, "There are plenty of fantastic Honda Dominator conversions, and the BMW F650 shares a similar frame design beneath its bulky and uninspiring fairings. Moreover, it boasts a superior liquid-cooled engine with more torque and horsepower than the Honda."

Georg continues, "There aren't many customized F650s out there, and those that have been modified often suffer from awkward proportions. Additionally, the Funduro's price point is exceptionally low, even when compared to the BMW G650 series."

However, transforming the bulky BMW F650 Funduro into the sleek street tracker you see here wasn't without its challenges. The bike's subframe is welded directly to the main frame, limiting modifications due to Germany's strict TÜV standards. The team trimmed as much as possible and devised a plan to conceal the rest.

Georg elaborates, "We decided to use a modified fiberglass flat track tail section with substantial side panels to hide the unsightly rear frame. To achieve a streamlined profile, we customized a stunning Yamaha DT400 gas tank to fit the BMW frame—a task that proved quite challenging."

Instead of opting for a generic number board attached with zip ties, Cafemoto crafted a custom aluminum unit for the front forks. They also designed a boxy mounting bracket, not only tilting it forward but also tidying up the bike's wiring and hosting the gauges. An LED projector is positioned at the bottom, complemented by slim LED turn signals above.

While they swapped out the handlebars and grips, the team retained the OEM controls and switches. At the rear, combination LED taillights and turn signals frame a custom license plate bracket.

The next focus for Georg and Holger was fine-tuning the Funduro's stance. They used a proven suspension lowering kit from Touratech to achieve the desired ride height, enhancing ride quality with progressive springs.

The stock BMW F650 Funduro features 19-inch front and 17-inch rear wheels, but this build demanded a more balanced appearance. Cafemoto re-laced the wheels with aluminum Akront rims, increasing the rear wheel size to 18 inches and fitting them with Avon Trekrider tires. Georg explains, "We opted against a 19-inch rear wheel due to limited tire options in that size for street use."

A custom titanium exhaust from G.P.R. Exhaust Systems in Italy adds a resonant note to the bike. Notably, the muffler has been repositioned to the right side, intentionally adding a touch of flat track character. The bodywork was expertly adjusted to accommodate this change, resulting in a factory-like appearance.

Additional discreet touches include a custom chain guard, a tidy front fender, and a robust bash plate to protect against stones, a common hazard for an 18-year-old rider. Cafemoto also upgraded the chain and sprockets, increasing the rear teeth count.

Given that the fuel tank was sourced from a Yamaha, Cafemoto decided to maintain a Yamaha-inspired livery. The Funduro sports the iconic period-correct Yamaha 'Competition Yellow' with subtle modifications to incorporate the workshop's name into the tank graphics. Matte gold powder-coating enhances the vintage aesthetic of the wheels.

Georg humorously concludes, "Due to its color and the fact that it's challenging to recognize as a transformed F650 Funduro, we've affectionately named our project 'Bumblebee,' after the Transformer. Despite being a lightweight street bike, it exudes the spirit of a flat tracker."

Cafemoto has not only demonstrated that the BMW F650 Funduro can be transformed into a street tracker but has also provided Georg's son with a remarkable ride for his 18th birthday, surpassing anything most of us had at that age.

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