Harley-Davidson Iron Cross: A Symbolic Motorcycle
Harley-Davidson Iron Cross: A Symbolic Motorcycle
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Throughout our world's military history, symbols have served as powerful reminders of both triumphs and tribulations. The Iron Cross is a symbol that straddles this historical duality, its origins tracing back to the late 1800s in the Kingdom of Prussia, Europe. This emblem, featuring a stylized black cross with a white outline, drew inspiration from the Teutonic Order of the Dark Ages.

Initially, it was bestowed upon brave soldiers for their battlefield valor. However, the Iron Cross's enduring legacy saw it adopted by the Nazi regime's Wehrmacht and, more recently, the modern German Army, the Bundeswehr. Due to its prominent placement on German tanks during World War II, the Iron Cross often evokes memories of the tumultuous 1940s, causing some discomfort when encountered on an American custom motorcycle.

Enter the Harley-Davidson Iron Cross, a modified 2017 Softail Slim S, brought to life in Switzerland by the skilled artisans at Bundnerbike. This motorcycle is described by the workshop as a fusion of post-war ruggedness with a contemporary twist—a homage to the bobber style that gained fame in the aftermath of World War II.

While the exact scope of modifications applied to the Slim S is undisclosed, a visual inspection reveals the transformation of the Iron Cross. Gone are the familiar multi-spoked Softail wheels, replaced by solid disc wheels, akin to those found on some Fat Boys. The front wheel lacks a protective fender, and the rear wheel features only a modest metal covering.



The replacement of the original handlebar with an ape hanger alters the Harley's front profile, giving it a more upright appearance compared to its original form. The fuel tank, once integrated into the bike, now floats independently on the frame, giving it a distinct character.


The engine appears to be the original, but a custom single exhaust pipe now channels exhaust gases. In a bold move, Bundnerbike adorned the sides of the fuel tank with a prominent black iron cross, encasing the Harley-Davidson lettering within it. This daring design choice leaves no room for indifference, making the project a polarizing affair—a love-it-or-hate-it creation that invites passionate reactions.

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