Lord Drake's Indian Scout Bobber 240: A Harley-Davidson Nightmare
Lord Drake's Indian Scout Bobber 240: A Harley-Davidson Nightmare
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In the realm of custom motorcycle workshops, it's a rarity to find one that strays from its Harley-Davidson specialization. However, this isn't due to any limitation in their capabilities, as evidenced by those adventurous few who diversify their clientele.

Enter Lord Drake, based in Spain, primarily renowned for their expertise in crafting scramblers, trackers, and café-racer conversions of beloved American Harley-Davidson models. Unlike many of their peers, Lord Drake doesn't shy away from challenges, extending their craft to BMWs, Ducatis, Royal Enfields, and more.

While Lord Drake's primary focus remains on Harley-Davidson, they do have a couple of Indian-based projects in their repertoire. The first, known as "The Bad," is a modified Scout paying homage to Michael Jackson and one of his iconic songs. We've previously discussed this creation.

The second is the Bobber 240, the subject of our attention here. Also originating from a Scout, this one underwent a far more aggressive transformation, resembling the kind of monstrous machines that Harley-Davidson might encounter in their worst nightmares.

Details regarding the specific modifications made to the Bobber 240 are somewhat elusive, with the Spanish workshop keeping their secrets close. Nevertheless, what we can glean from visual inspection is impressive. Notably, Lord Drake equipped this Indian with a substantial 240 mm wide rear wheel, an equally custom and awe-inspiring feature, especially when shod in robust rubber.

The bike also boasts Ohlins shock absorbers, custom fenders (although, in the true bobber tradition, it lacks a front fender), and a specially crafted seat.

While the front-end styling retains the Scout's inherent aggression, Lord Drake lowered the handlebars and mirrors to a point where they give the bike the menacing look of a cat preparing to strike.

Moving towards the rear, the fuel tank retains its original form, but the modifications to the seat and rear fender make it stand out like never before. The rear wheel, almost fully exposed, becomes a visual treat.

All superfluous side panels have been stripped away, allowing the stock engine to shine through in all its glory, right down to the customized exhaust system.

As for the price tag, the Indian Scout Bobber 240 doesn't come with a specified cost, making it impossible to ascertain the exact investment. To provide some perspective, a standard Scout typically retails for $10,749 in its most basic configuration on the Indian Motorcycle lot.

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