Triumph Recalls Trident 660 and Tiger Sport 660 Models for Critical Updates
Triumph Recalls Trident 660 and Tiger Sport 660 Models for Critical Updates
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The renowned British motorcycle manufacturer, Triumph, has issued a recall for two of its motorcycle models, the Trident 660 and Tiger Sport 660. This recall aims to address critical safety concerns by implementing essential updates.

The safety recall for the Triumph Tiger Sport 660 and Trident 660 models specifically involves the replacement of the Manifold Air Pressure (MAP) hose. The MAP hose replacement is crucial as it can affect the MAP sensor and potentially lead to engine-related problems.

Owners of these affected models are strongly encouraged to get in touch with their nearest Triumph dealer promptly. The good news is that the replacement will be provided free of charge. Triumph is committed to ensuring the safety of its customers and, to this end, encourages reporting of sold bikes to guarantee that all owners are informed of the recall.

Recalls in the world of motorcycles, similar to those in the automotive industry, can present challenges for owners. Unlike car owners, motorcyclists often contend with a limited and sometimes less responsive network of dealers. If your motorcycle requires a critical update and the closest dealer is located hundreds of miles away, addressing the issue in a timely manner can be daunting. Fortunately, most manufacturers, like Triumph, make efforts to reach out to their customers to convey important information.

In the United States, owners of Triumph Tiger Sport 660 and Trident 660 models have already started receiving safety recall notifications from Triumph Motorcycles America via mail. This specific recall, designated as SRAN609 and bearing NHTSA Recall Number 23V583, centers on the replacement of the Manifold Air Pressure (MAP) hose. As mandated by the National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act, the notification letter includes clear instructions for owners of these particular models on the necessary steps to rectify the issue. But what exactly is a MAP hose, and what actions need to be taken?

Kudos to Triumph for promptly identifying the problem and having a solution readily available. To schedule an appointment for the replacement, you simply need to contact your local Triumph dealer. The replacement service, inclusive of parts and labor, will be provided at no cost and is expected to take less than an hour, depending on the dealership's workload. If you're unsure about the location of a nearby Triumph dealer, the manufacturer's website offers a convenient dealer search feature. Furthermore, if you need to locate your VIN number, the nhtsa.gov website also provides an option to find a dealer.

Triumph also places great importance on tracking the motorcycles they've sold to ensure the safety of all owners. If you have sold your Tiger Sport 660 or Trident, Triumph provides an option to report this information via an included postcard. This way, they can reach out to the new owner and inform them of the safety recall, ensuring that the necessary updates are carried out.

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