Harley-Davidson GTO 6 Petrolwire Challenges the Electric Motorcycle Trend
Harley-Davidson GTO 6 Petrolwire Challenges the Electric Motorcycle Trend
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In the current era, the electric vehicle revolution has swept across the globe, extending its influence not only to cars but also to boats and aircraft. In the realm of motorcycles, however, this shift has predominantly been driven by startups, as many established industry giants remain hesitant to fully embrace electric mobility.

One such industry titan, Harley-Davidson, initially ventured into the electric motorcycle arena, unveiling ambitious plans in this direction. In 2019, they introduced the LiveWire, sparking anticipation for a wave of electric Harley models to follow suit.

Yet, Harley-Davidson swiftly altered its course, separating the electric model into a distinct brand, likely to preserve the reputation it had meticulously cultivated over its 120-year history of traditional motorcycle manufacturing.

Today, the electric Harley motorcycle, once known as LiveWire, is no longer available as a new purchase in the United States. It has been rebranded as "One" and is now marketed as part of the LiveWire lineup, alongside the S2 Del Mar.

Surprisingly, the electric Harley endeavor garnered relatively little attention in the custom motorcycle industry, typically eager to embrace any new offerings from the American motorcycle manufacturer. There were minimal conversions of the LiveWire, and the few that emerged faded into obscurity, much like the electric bike itself.

However, there are exceptions to this indifference. In Switzerland, a group of enthusiasts collectively known as Bundnerbike still remembers the electric Harley and the unsuccessful attempt by the American company to establish a presence in the electric motorcycle segment.

One of Bundnerbike's recent creations, a modified Breakout model, boldly bears the name "Petrolwire." This moniker not only challenges the prominence of electric motorcycles but also underscores the notion that electric vehicles will require significant time to supplant traditional machines in the custom motorcycle industry.

After all, how can you make a custom Harley-Davidson truly stand out and exude an impressive aura without the imposing presence of two substantial KessTech exhaust pipes emanating from a V-twin engine that seamlessly complements the motorcycle's frame?

Upon closer inspection of this project, known as GTO 6 within the family of custom motorcycles, it becomes evident that many original Harley-Davidson components have been retained. These include the wheels, front fork, rear swingarm, and braking system.

However, Bundnerbike's imprint is unmistakable, with prominent contributions such as the fuel tank featuring a keyless cap, two fenders, and the custom-designed seat. Additionally, Swiss craftsmanship extends to other crucial components, including the indispensable air suspension and often-overlooked controls for the throttle and clutch.





While the Harley-Davidson Petrolwire is a recent addition to Bundnerbike's inventory, the shop has chosen to keep the project's cost a closely guarded secret, leaving it shrouded in mystery—unless, of course, prospective customers aspire to commission a similar masterpiece of their own.

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