KTM RC16 MotoGP Bike Dominates Drag Race Against 1,400BHP Porsche and F1 Car
KTM RC16 MotoGP Bike Dominates Drag Race Against 1,400BHP Porsche and F1 Car
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In yet another thrilling drag race showdown, the undeniable victor was the mighty motorcycle. This time, Dani Pedrosa brought his MotoGP prowess to the table, pitting his KTM RC16 against a formidable Red Bull F1 car and a Porsche boasting over 1,000 horsepower.

KTM has once again solidified the motorcycle's supremacy in personal transportation, as demonstrated in another exhilarating drag race, where they left two automobiles, a somewhat modest 1,400BHP Porsche and a rather hapless Red Bull F1 car, in their wake.

For those who caught the Red Bull video a few weeks ago, the indisputable truth became evident: a KTM RC16 outperforms a 2012 Red Bull Racing F1 car in a straight-line race. In Red Bull's video, Dani Pedrosa mounted a 2022 KTM RC16, going head-to-head with the F1 championship-winning Red Bull RB8, an electric super-van, a Ford Puma Rally1 WRC car, and a Citroen rallycross car. Naturally, Pedrosa and the RC16 left their competition in the dust.

CarWow decided to create their own version of this spectacle but could only muster a Porsche 911 to take on the F1 car (driven by Liam Lawson, who was drafted into the Alpha Tauri F1 team to replace the injured Daniel Ricciardo a few weeks ago) and Pedrosa, the fearless rider of the RC16.

Pedrosa, ever the sportsman, took on this promotional drag race in between his 2023 MotoGP commitments, first in Spain and then at the recent San Marino Grand Prix, where he vigorously contested against Ducati's reigning World Champion, Francesco Bagnaia, for both the Sprint and Grand Prix podiums.

Pedrosa's Red Bull promotional tour, however, resulted in two resounding victories. Following the aforementioned Red Bull video, in which he triumphed over all adversaries, Pedrosa went on to dominate both the F1 car and the 1,400BHP Porsche (detuned to 1,200BHP for this race) in the CarWow edition. The Spaniard completed the quarter-mile sprint in a blazing 8.6 seconds, leaving Liam Lawson trailing behind at 9.3 seconds and the Porsche lagging further at 9.6 seconds, a full second adrift.

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