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Introducing the 2024 YZ Series Models for Motocross - 50th Anniversary Edition
Introducing the 2024 YZ Series Models for Motocross - 50th Anniversary Edition
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Yamaha Motor is excited to unveil the 2024 YZ series models for motocross competition, starting their release on October 20, 2022.

These nine models include the YZ450F, YZ250F 50th Anniversary Edition, YZ250F, YZ250, YZ125 50th Anniversary Edition, YZ125, YZ85LW, YZ85, and YZ65. Notably, the YZ250F has seen minor adjustments, while the YZ250F and YZ125 boast a special "50th Anniversary Edition" lineup, commemorating five decades of YZ excellence.

Our sales target for the series stands at 400 units. However, should reservations surpass our production capacity, reservation acceptance may conclude before the specified period ends.

Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd. will progressively introduce these nine YZ series models for motocross competition throughout 2024, beginning October 20. Each model shares a cohesive design theme, characterized by a prominent logo featuring linear horizontal motion and a vibrant color palette that exudes a racing spirit through a harmonious blend of three distinct shades of blue.

The YZ250F, designed with the ethos of "Synchronizing YZ with every MX racer," incorporates the latest technological advancements from the YZ450F. Key enhancements include:

  • An engine delivering improved mid-range and high-speed performance, complementing its already excellent low- and mid-range power.
  • A specially tuned engine suspension paired with a bilateral beam frame, fostering greater synergy between the engine and chassis.
  • A lightweight and compact body design, engineered to optimize airflow management and rider maneuverability.
  • Fine-tuned front and rear suspension for enhanced performance.
  • An upgraded Power Tuner application for simplified settings.

The "50th Anniversary Edition" versions of the "YZ250F" and "YZ125" will be available for purchase starting December 20, celebrating five decades of YZ legacy.

Reservations will be accepted exclusively at authorized Yamaha Off-Road Competition Model dealers from August 30 to December 3, 2023 (until September 30 for the "50th Anniversary Edition"). Should demand exceed supply, reservation acceptance may conclude ahead of schedule.

Key Features of the 2024 YZ250F

The 2024 YZ250F introduces several enhancements, including:

  • A new rear ducted cleaner box, enhancing intake efficiency.
  • A new cam chain that reduces friction loss while bolstering fatigue strength.
  • An updated ECU with new fuel injection (FI) and ignition timing (IG) mapping, resulting in improved mid-to-high-speed performance without compromising low to mid-speed power.
  • The adoption of the same bilateral beam frame as the YZ450F, designed to improve bump absorption, cornering agility, and overall riding freedom.
  • An optimized airflow management system, further enhancing linear response and drivability.
  • Streamlined bodywork for increased rider mobility, achieved through wider shrouds and seamless exterior treatment.
  • A flatter seat with added grip for better acceleration support.
  • An improved riding position featuring lower footpegs, increased hip-to-foot distance, and closer handlebars for a more natural riding posture.
  • Enhanced front and rear suspension damping for superior traction and bump absorption.
  • A hand-operated pressure damping adjuster for the front suspension.
  • An upgraded Power Tuner application, now offering "Simple Tuning" for intuitive adjustments, "Traction Control" with three levels of intervention, "Launch Control" with a rev limit function, and a "Lap Time Measurement" function for race-time analysis.
  • The iconic 50th-anniversary YZ color scheme, paying homage to the legacy of YZ since its inception in 1974.

The 2024 YZ series continues to embody Yamaha's dedication to excellence and innovation, tracing its roots to a rich history of challenges and racing triumphs, epitomized by the 1993 "YZ125/250" model. This model nods to a transitional period leading to the birth of "Yamaha Blue" and the latest YZ models of the 21st century, showcasing the unique and original spirit of YZ.

YZ450F (2024)

Manufacturer's suggested retail price: (approx.) 7916 USD




YZ250 (2024)

Manufacturer's suggested retail price: (approx.) 5412 USD




YZ125/50th Anniversary Edition (2024)

Suggested Retail Price: 5080 USD approx. (STD), 5301 USD approx. (50th)



YZ85LW (2024)

Manufacturer's suggested retail price:&& (approx.) 3976 USD


YZ85 (2024)

Manufacturer's suggested retail price:&& (approx.) 3902 USD


YZ65 (2024)

Manufacturer's suggested retail price:&& (approx.) 3902 USD


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