Customizing the Kawasaki ZX-14R
Customizing the Kawasaki ZX-14R
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The Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R, originally unveiled as Kawasaki's flagship model back in 2012, continued to impress well into 2019. A decade later, it remains remarkably contemporary. However, the owner, who happens to be of shorter stature, felt that the Ninja ZX-14R was a bit too large for their liking. Thus began a journey of customization, aimed at enhancing maneuverability by fitting a lowering kit and adjusting the riding position to better suit the owner's physique. Remarkably, the bike's overall aesthetics remained intact despite its lowered profile.


In response to the desire for even greater weight reduction after achieving significantly improved handling, the bike underwent a gradual transformation through parts modifications. The initial steps included swapping the stock exhaust for a lighter option and upgrading the suspension to a finely adjustable system that could accommodate variations in weight. Additionally, the master cylinders for the front brake and clutch were replaced with models offering a comfortable grip tailored to the owner's hand size, resulting in superior control and responsiveness. After successfully addressing these challenges, the owner felt an improvement in handling and was eager to install Brembo's radial mount calipers and the Wheelie swingarm, which had long captured their interest.

Initially skeptical about the necessity of customization, the owner's perception gradually shifted. They now reported feeling more confident and comfortable during their regular touring rides. Even minor issues were viewed as significant opportunities for improvement and further enhancement. The K-2 Project is dedicated to customizing motorcycles, aiming to continually boost owner satisfaction. This ZX-14R serves as an exemplary case that perfectly embodies these goals and offers valuable insights for consideration.

This particular bike is built upon the 2017 high-grade model among the post-2016 Asian specification versions, featuring widened and slightly raised handlebars. The left and right master cylinders have been meticulously adjusted to the owner's preferences, significantly enhancing control. The choice of Rizoma reservoir tanks, made from machined aluminum bodies with clear tanks, adds a touch of sophistication.

The exterior components, including the front cowl, windshield, and seat, have been retained from the ZX-14R's stock configuration. However, the footpegs have been upgraded to a knurling-type design.

The center stand is a standard feature of the '16 Asian specification model, while the rear shocks link has been replaced with an EFFEX ride height adjustment kit, naturally lowering the bike.

The 1441cc straight-four engine and FI system remain in their stock form, complemented by a Nojima Engineering radiator core guard and Over Racing sliders for added protection.

The left and right exhausts have been replaced with Nojima Heat Titanium Twin TYPE-SC units, a collaborative effort with the K-2 Project that significantly reduces weight and enhances performance characteristics. The swingarm is a triple-section aluminum Wheelie swingarm, and the rear shocks have been upgraded to Ohlins. The wheels are Marchesini M7RS, sized at 3.50-17/6.00-17.

The stock upside-down forks with a 43mm diameter are equipped with modified axle clamp bolts. The front brakes feature Gale Speed radial mount calipers, paired with Brembo front brake discs for enhanced stopping power.

The rear brakes have also been replaced with Gale Speed radial mount calipers, and both front and rear brake lines are from the Allegri Shorto series.

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